Mobile Minutes: Trial By Fire

It’s been a rough day…

Like a really, really rough day. One of those days that’s so rough that you cling onto your wife, and you pray that things will just get better…somehow.

The Kansas City Shock is a ball of stress that for the moment I’d rather just not talk about.

What I would like to speak on is student loans.

Anyone who has kept up with this site knows that I have a daily battle that goes on with my student loans. Between MOHELA Cashloans, Chase Student Loans, University Accounting Servicing Loans, and Perkins Loans…there’s about $65,000 worth of student loans that are directly tied with Southwest Baptist University.

When employed most of them aren’t too bad, the exception is MOHELA (348.68) and Chase (498.86); yes, those are per month totals. The unfortunate part is when you’re not employed suddenly those two, along with the others, becomes a daunting nightmare to figure out. I’ve worked on forbearance forms with MOHELA, I’ve spent hours talking to representatives from Chase, and have even spoken to individuals about the others listed above. Do you know what I’ve learned?

It’s not just students that don’t understand loans, it’s the loan companies that don’t understand loans. I’ve been given three different representatives at MOHELA to assist me in working with these loans, and I’ve been given three different answers with apologies tied to each one for incorrect assistance from past representatives. Yes, this is a true story.

I’ve spent this afternoon with Darco trying to figure out how we’re going to get out of the hole that these student loans have created. MC has already chipped in for a saving grace moment at least once today [and I’m sure there’ll be a tongue lashing later…that I’m dreading]. You know the worst part is knowing that with continual interest it’s likely that I’ll be in my 50’s by the time these are paid off; if I’m fortunate [and I haven’t defaulted on them].

So, I’m just going to call a spade a spade and list out some prayer requests:

  • Kansas City Shock: That’ll it’ll become a financially feasible project that’ll greatly affect the entire area.
  • Darco: That she’ll get her promotion in September, and start loving what she’ll be learning in the coffee world.
  • #TakeTheCity: That I’ll get the job that I just applied for within this city’s chamber of commerce
  • Teaching: That if that job application fails that there’ll be plenty of openings for substitute teaching within the multitude of districts that I’ve applied in.
  • #Project813: That it works.

Today I am down, I’m just wiped out, I feel like I’m failing Darco as a husband; even Kohl’s rejected my application [even Kohl’s!], and I grow fearful of repeating problems that I’ve made in the past. I have this awful fear that people are talking about my downfall and shortcomings behind my back, and that they feel sorry for Darco for marrying a man with such a troubled, sad past.

Unfortunately not every post on this site is a happy one.


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