XO: Eviction Day

The title scared you, didn’t it?

No worries; our day wasn’t so bad that we got evicted from the apartment. Though it did come surprisingly close to that level of stress.

I made a three page outline to get through the payment schedule of my student loans; it’ll truly only be by God’s grace that this is actually accomplished [please pray for Darco and her upcoming promotion opportunity]. After having dinner with MC and Jim tonight we spent most of the evening going over what options are available for us to ensure that no loans go into default, and that I can climb out of this debt filled hole; again, pray for our future.

After this painfully hard, straight conversation with my parents Darco brought up the fact that she still had things to move out of her mother’s house before it was repossessed by the landlord tomorrow afternoon. This was at 7:30 PM this evening. So, Darco, MC, Jim, and myself drove back into the city in order to help Darco clean up this house that I had only heard rumors of.

It was rough; similar to my parents assisting me two years ago in cleaning my old apartment. It did smell of a week old cat liter tray, and there was rotten food in the kitchen. Debris and junk scattered along the floor of the interior, and the outside wasn’t in the best of shape also. I knew that Darco didn’t live in these kind of conditions by personal choice, but I suddenly felt bad for every time I told her to go home at night prior to us being married. I didn’t realize she went home to such sadness. Naturally she was worried about Darco and Jim judging her based on this house’s appearance [she didn’t fully understand what they went through cleaning up my apartment], but there was really nothing to fear. Between MC, Jim, and myself we had covered enough cleaning projects for old homes and natural disaster areas that this wasn’t anything new; just start bagging up trash and getting it out of the building.

I've never seen a grown man freak out about a sock monkey as quickly as Jim did tonight. It's now with him.

I’ve never seen a grown man freak out about a sock monkey as quickly as Jim did tonight. It’s now with him.

It was about an hour into it, while listening to Darco ask where her cat Ollie was, that suddenly I heard from the back door, “Ollie, sweetie!” As if it had nine lives her childhood cat had returned after being chased out of the house. Ollie is a house cat with claws and very much Darco’s cat. She had been struggling throughout this week because her mother couldn’t take the cat with her, and this apartment complex that we live in wasn’t known for housing animals [hint, hint]. Sadly, even MC didn’t have the space for Ollie because he was indoor, but still had claws. This combination makes it difficult for a lady with two indoor cats without front claws, but outdoor cats with outdoor experience. Ollie had no where to go. Darco throughout the week had informed me that she wasn’t concerned about the cats whereabouts or final home, but anyone who knows anything about pets knows that, that is a lie. It was further proven true an hour into cleaning when I saw my beautiful wife just cling a hold to this orange fuzzball as if she’d lost her long lost friend.

Ollie wasn’t going anywhere.

If only his beard was a bit whiter.

If only his beard was a bit whiter.

The cleanup continued with myself fighting mosquito’s, MC boxing up belongings for the trash, and Jim trying to hold onto ‘garage sale items’ that he could use in future sales. Incredibly through it all the atmosphere was light, and my parents were in good spirits. I know that it took some stress off of Darco, and it even assisted me in feeling a bit better about the horrific day.

It was towards the end of our adventure that MC started talking to me about Ollie; Jim had already made a new friend, and it was appearing that the magic of the cat was wearing off on my parents. There was no way that they could take him, but Darco couldn’t give the poor kitten up to the local animal shelter, it was my turn to be a loving husband.

Yeah...he's with us...

Yeah…he’s with us…

Now we have a new addition to this rapidly growing family. Albeit he’s a bit noising on the vocal side at night; he’s fixed and a cuddle monster. I’m not sure how long we’ll have him, as I’m not overly keen of having a cat in this apartment, but I also know as a spouse that I couldn’t break Darco’s heart, especially after the week that we had both been through.

After the day of student loans, drama with the Kansas City Shock, cleaning out the evening, Darco and I kissed the world goodbye and wound up at Applebee’s. Two Long Island Iced Teas later I’m about ready to fall asleep for the night. I can’t really explain to you how stressful this past week has been, but I can promise you that it would not have been even remotely close to achievable without being married to my cat-loving best friend.


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