Mobile Minutes: Alabaster Box

Call it a just a fun day, or call it a great church service. Call it a mix of both with a funnel cake, craft beer, and a crazy healthy lunch.

I’m optimistic heading into this week.

Last week was awful, but it is now behind us; completely.

Realistically I’m going to go the route of MoVal really for the inspiration of tomorrow and this week ahead. Jared hit on Matthew 26 today; speaking about Mary using up this extremely expensive perfume on Jesus. I mean, we’re talking imagine using a $36,000 bottle of perfume on one person.

You could have sold that and given the money to charity.You can have used it on several people.

You had so many options, but you chose to use it all on one person right then, right there. Don’t worry, it confused the disciples too because they didn’t understand either. Jesus calmed them all down and plainly explained to them that what Mary had done was a form of pure. expressive worship. She gave it all (literally!) to Him. Jared made a key comment on talking about how he was grateful the Bible didn’t talk about her giving money, but something of worth outside of currency.

That’s the challenge.

Do you know the thing that I’m most optimistic about? The job I just applied for. Last week I applied for the event coordinator position for this city’s chamber of commerce. It’s a dream job in a place that I’m very, very passionate about [especially in this city], and I’m actually qualified for it. I suppose that the thing that I took out of church that just made things so much easier was just knowing that I’ve got to keep pushing; pushing the envelop and never stopping. We were designed to be more then just what we settle for. However, the moment we lose our imagination and the time that we lose our dreams is the moment that we’ve settled for life and not for God.

Where do you think passions come from? Who do you think puts them there? I’m not an ego driven territorial fanatic that wants control of a city; I want to see the city in my dreams and I want the people of this city to enjoy what they have.

And I want to give glory to God the whole time.

I want the Kansas City Shock to come out burning, on fire, alive, and excited. I don’t want to prove doubters wrong, but I want God to be seen. I want the impossible to be possible, I want the unknown to be known. I want God to shine through everything because none of this life was even possible without Him. It isn’t enough to give 10% on Sunday; realistically how hard is it to just give some thanks, say a prayer, and walk with God each day?

Does this mean I’m a millionaire tomorrow? Not even slightly [sadly]. It doesn’t mean I’ll have perfect health, and I’ll never have to lift a finger. However, it gives purpose and explanation to everything I do.

Question: Why do you love SimCity?
Answer: Because I love to build a beautiful life.
Question: Why do you keep burning yourself with the Kansas City Shock?
Answer: Because people need to see the impossible.
Question: Why live in this city when Kansas City is so close?
Answer: Because this is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

In the end; whether government, business, or most importantly as a husband I’ve come to this conclusion:

I may be rich, poor; healthy or sick, but whatever is in my alabaster box will be poured out to Him.

It was His anyways…


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