Mobile Minutes: That Was Fast


Also known as germ warfare.

After an exhausting day at a local high school [50 miles away], I came home and was out cold for 2.5 hours. Afterwards, through some grocery shopping with Darco I told her how I was feeling better compared to the day before with that awful headache.

However, today I’ve been sweating.

If it was 90 degrees outside I can understand the grossness of my body, but today barely made it into the 80’s, and I was in air conditioning all day.

I got out of the shower this morning: sweat.
I taught in a classroom: sweat.
I organized books via the Dewey Decibel System [true story]: sweat.
I cooked pizza: sweat.
I’m sitting here typing in the ice box that’s my office: sweat.

Sadly, through the mass amount of perspiration that is doing a number on me; this much I’m afraid is becoming true.

I have a bit more then just a headache going on.


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