Note: What is getting ready to be placed in this section is by no accounts because of anything that I am responsible for. No credit goes to me, all credit goes to God. Just trust me on this one.

I’ve been in a lousy mood throughout the day; just down on several topics. I put blame on myself for giving into temptations and allowing this to happen.

Around 10:00 PM CST my phone went off with two text messages. Most of the time that means at this time of night it’s something that’s not of the positive light…if you catch my drift.

However, after Darco went to bed I picked up the phone and was smashed in the face with a massive piece of humble pie.

This is the part that I love to write about:

It turns out that through the past few weeks two of the individuals who wound up playing for the Kansas City Shock accepted Christ, and started their walk as new Christians. This coming from a text message on my phone.

In the women’s soccer world; this is actually not the most popular topic among trending concepts within the sport. However, the Kansas City Shock was offered to every player as a safe haven, and a place to go that they would not be judged, they wouldn’t be ‘preached at’ [a personal hatred of mine], and they would always be welcomed. No matter what.

Through individual parties that are closely associated with the organization did this happen. I don’t know the full details, but I’m sure I’ll learn eventually. My biggest prayer is that they will not be ashamed, and they will proudly proclaim who they are to the world.

Every dime spent, every league battle fought, and every loss received are irrelevant when this kind of news comes down the line.

God is so, so good.


…and I openly confess that I’m crying because of how happy this makes me…a dream come true.

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