XO: Crazy Cat Lady

It’s been a whirlwind of a week. Stressful, painful, and halfway amusing. Darco and I are still recovering from the eviction drama of last week, and adjusting to our new time schedules this week. Factor in the introduction of the cat into the story, and we’re doing a lot of changes all at once.

We’ve cried, hugged, laughed, and went through every emotional state at least one every three hours. I’ve been turn apart by student loan companies, and Darco has been challenged by family drama. Her work is stressful, and myself ensuring that I have work can be just as stressful. We’ve fallen short by not nearly being excited enough from this weeks news earlier, and we’ve been lost on things to do and plans to implement more then once.

In other words; we’re a beautiful mess.

There’s been several late night conversations, and unfortunately our handful of ego-driven arguments. Easily we can say neither are perfect, and we’re full of mistakes. We wake up with headaches every morning because of the stress we sleep with, we nearly kill the cat

He has his own place now.

He has his own place now.

each morning, and at night are grateful that he exists. We cringe at the alarm on Sunday morning, but are always blessed to be in church. We’re broke some days, rich others, and nearly always craving Panda Express.

I suppose we’re your standard married, young couple?

Darco is currently finishing up work today, and I’ve been scheduling my meetings for next week. We’re both blessed on how active the Kansas City Shock has become with area businesses; we just pray that it turns into financial success at the minimum. I don’t find it wrong praying for financial stability with a business that’s used as an outreach to so many. The primarily thought in the front of my mind though is actually MC and Jim.

First, they did take me out today and get Ollie a new toy/home [he loves it], but more-so as of late it’s the unreal amount of sacrificing that they’ve done for Darco an myself. I’d rather not get into details, but it’s been surprising at the least. Of course the inner temptation tells me that they’re helping out in a wide variety of was to ensure that I don’t screw up another marriage. Naturally, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but the thought is definitely in the back of my head. They’ve really come alive late and have ensured some stability in our lives as a newly married couple. It really has taken off an enormous amount of stress from us; massive amount.

I suppose in conclusion; I’m not one to really ask questions, I’m just grateful. It’s nice to sit down for a Saturday and take a deep breath, know that it’s going to be alright, and that my parents are going to ensure that we don’t fall to hard.


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