XO: Grace

I’m sick; it’s a sick day…and I blame high school students for all of it.

In all seriousness I’m afraid I had to take a day in bed due to a nasty ‘cold-like’ influence within my body. Realistically it’s a lot of liquids, Ny-Quil, Day-Quil, and surprisingly hot, black coffee helps significantly. E-mails have gone overlooked, and thankfully there were no meetings scheduled for today. I’m dizzy when I stand up, and start sweating after a few steps.

Point being I’m a complete mess, and this family is blessed.

Darco and I were sitting on the couch yesterday talking about the past few weeks since we were married. The first official week of being married was a mess; we looked at her mother’s eviction, a real mess with my student loans, and like many newly married couples money was super tight. It took a real toll on us. However, after that week had passed we regrouped, focused, and carried on with a new plan of unification and God has blessed us greatly.

The Kansas City Shock, while quiet, has been moving forward with some very large projects; things I could have never dreamed of. This includes a proposal that I was involved in yesterday afternoon that really can affect the entire region. It’s just a God thing; that’s the best I can play it up as. We have a few major companies already interested in partnerships for the 2014 campaign, the academy is well on its way of development, I’m in negotiations with PUMA, and a very big meeting on Friday. I’m half drugged, but God really is doing big things with this program and I can’t wait to share the events with everyone.

The family is great; I love being married. I so, so enjoy it. I’d be lost without Darco. We spend a ton of time together, and that’s alright, I’m so, so blessed to have her by my side. We’re eating healthier, we’re eating at home, and we’re working out on an actual regiment throughout the week. Hopefully we’re gearing up for a 5K/10K race in a few weeks. It’s just so cool hanging with her.

Finances are improving dramatically; MC and Jim have been by our side the entire time, and even this week I’m actually back to making what I was making per week with Subway. A specific high school has placed me on ‘retainer’, so that I’m contacted when they have an opening [and I’m not sick]. Darco is getting more and more pumped for her promotion next month; that’ll be a big change for us. Truthfully, we’ve even thought about things optimistically, like buying a car, taking a closer look at her stock portfolio, paying extra on student loans. We want to be good stewards with the money that we’re being given.

As always our church body at MoVal is incredible. They actually held a wedding shower for us last Sunday after church; resulting in several great gifts; a chair, a hatchet, a stone for pizza cooking, and several other fun items that we had registered for. It’s always such a nice reminder to know how blessed we are to have a church that chooses to invest in us, and always makes us feel welcomed. We’re starting ‘small groups’ next month on Wednesday’s, so I’ll be curious where we wind up with those activities also.

We’re even moving forward with our #TakeTheCity stance. We’ve thought about creating a non-profit organization that aims at educating and assisting the private and public sector of the city we live in. The hope is that through this program we can help this city catch up to the current moves of technology; currently it’s nearly 15 years behind the times. It’ll be an exciting adventure, and I believe we’re going to be doing a KickStarter project with it…so stay tuned.

It was just nice laying in a bed this morning [half dead] and just talking to Darco and saying, “God is blessing us right now. Greatly. I’m so grateful.” Because I am, and I know she is also, last week was pretty dark and we held onto each other and Him, and that’s all we had at one point. Times are changing, seasons are adjusting, and God is moving. To that, we are blessed.


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