Mobile Minutes: Wiped

Up at 5:30 AM, fighting a seasonal cold. Can’t hear out of my left ear because my congestion is so severe.

Darco had breakfast ready. Hot shower needed. Espresso drink from Starbucks (via my bride). Needed.

It’s 6:30 AM…

By 7:10 AM I’m heading to my classroom at Staley High School, thinking of a life that never happened. 7:25 AM and my first class is in. I’m pouring sweat for reasons I don’t know, and by 9:10 they’re out the door.

The next ninety minutes were spent in the library. Reorganizing mixed books of fiction and non. I won today’s battle against the Dewey Decimal System.


By lunch time I’m enjoying my apple, banana, and Greek yogurt; something Darco got me started on. Everything is cold in my lunch box, enjoyed for each last bite.

The afternoon dealt with three waves of freshmen, all still adjusting to this ‘life’. One boy spent ten minutes telling me about his stop animation Lego videos he puts on YouTube, and another girl shared her dreams of varsity volleyball.

With the bell ringing I was the door. Adventure number two was at 3:30 PM. I placed gas in the car and headed to an interview about the Kansas City Shock. By 5:00 PM I was late to meeting number three and slight burnt from meeting number two. I went north to pick up Darco, who had been at work since 6:30 AM. Together we caught the end of the first social media marketing meeting for the city we live in. A part of #TakeTheCity programming.


After the hens next to us scared us out of the bar, my wife and I spent the evening grilling chicken, cleaning dishes, and enjoying the leftovers that fill our fridge.

It’s now 9:00 PM and the Ny-Quil is kicking in. Absolutely exhausted, and smelling of something strange, the beautiful reality is looking back at today and acknowledging how blessed by God our family is.


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