XO: Greed

Brutal world.

It honestly feels like I’ve taken a semi-hiatus from soccer for the past couple days [almost a few weeks]. You can’t move with a program all year long; it’s impossible. You have to take a break, if for no other reason, you’re sanity.

There have been several transitions as of late within the Kansas City Shock world. People have voluntarily left, inventory has been counted, players have gone home to Australia, and the 2014 budget has already been hammered out. Meetings have already started, and dreams have already been realized for what 2014 holds, and trust me…it holds a lot.

Sadly, moments like Le Peep and ideas of how cut throat this industry can be is a daily, daunting actuality. The end of last week proved nothing different to me. I had a meeting with several individuals within the city; talking about expansion, our plans, and where the future will lead the Kansas City Shock. Some of my favorite lines from this meeting included:

You’re too young.

You’re not smart enough, trust me, I know.

He has good intention, but knows nothing about soccer.

He contradicts his own coach…

Does he know what an academy even is?

I wish you the best of luck, and you’re on the right page, but you should reevaluate. I’m a capitalist and your idea won’t bring in the kind of revenue that interests people like me.

Whether it exists in forums, meetings, emails, or phone calls; I’ve heard all of it and then some. The concept of qualification is a daunting idea in the world of women’s soccer. Either you’re a coach, or a millionaire, or a former player; rarely does Jim-Bob from the trailer park have a shot at such a random industry.

But why not shoot for it?

Tonight, Darco is waiting for me to finish up; I just needed to get this out of my system. I’ve heard so much negativity by those who know all the answers to life, that it’s worth putting it out in the air that I hear the words, and I accept the opinions, but I refuse to concede to the obvious.


See, this is the whole perspective of the Kansas City Shock that’ll set us apart from the rest of the world [at least it better]. We want to be a financially successful organization, but I never wanted to be associated with the words shrewd, manipulative, or cut-throat. Words I’ve heard in the past week to sum up several organizations; several that I respect. I don’t want that label. I never want to sell my soul for silver pieces in order that the one unique idea in my existence is sold out.

It was never about me.

It is never about me.

It won’t ever be about me.

It’s about God.

You know what you can do with that $6.50 latte [irony] and years of real-estate development? Tell the same slick story to some sad soul on the side of the road that is looking for that as their answer to life. The multi-million dollar home that you have? Have fun. Let me know its gratification to you while I’m dancing with my beautiful wife to Norah Jones via my phone in our apartment bedroom.

I’m not worn down, I’m not beaten, but man I’m so sick of the earthly stupidity of trying to determine success.

When two players became Christians; that was success.

When our players knew they were safe with our program; that was success.

When people speak to me at games about this website, just like the game on the field; that is success.

Don’t preach success to me, because it isn’t what I need. I have a beautiful wife, a paying job, and an incredible story. That’s enough for me.

Oh…and this small little thought:

You can determine my success by dollars and cents, but your mansion, your namesake, your reputation doesn’t even compare to what my Father has done, is doing, and will continue to do with this program.

That you can take to the bank.


One response to “XO: Greed

  1. A lot of what you wrote here echoes my experience in Milwaukee. The snickering and second-guessing I’ve heard for the most part has hedged around permutations of greed/protectionism in one sense or another. Be it the lack of a pot of gold for the self-professed experts to latch onto because we’re not following the suburban/exurban club model, or the aiming to bring players into our program who haven’t had that type of experience in the past, those with vested interests in the current model and that “primrose path” don’t want to see something different come about because it might mean more competition for opportunities further up the playing pyramid and that competition coming from those who maybe aren’t on the same SES level as the insiders. We press on because we believe in our utlimate missions (you with the Shock, me with MUSC) and what the fulfillment of them can mean for those around us, both from a soccer and a communitarian standpoint. Keep fighting the urge to change course, and #daretobedifferent.

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