Mobile Minutes: No Place Like Home

I’m heading to bed around 9:00 PM and that’s alright. I was able to score a few early week substitute teaching positions. The best part? They’re high school social studies; something I actually know about [instead of failing at choir, orchestra, 5th grade strings, math, math, and…math]; it’ll be refreshing. However, it requires a super early morning, so to bed I’ll be heading as soon as Darco finishes up her homework.

I’m still trying to figure out my position in this zany life. Last week this happened with the Kansas City Shock. Talk about insanity; not only have we been building a soccer program, personally a ministry, but now we’re adding to it with a massive development. This is 101 acres of land we’re talking about; that’s a ton of space to work with. I’ve met with architects and engineers over the past week, and scheduled interviews throughout this week. It’s going to cost in the millions which is merely another opportunity for people to be amazed at what God can do, and is capable of. It’s going to be beautiful when it’s finished. Imagine thirty acres of untouched forest, natural Missouri prairie grass, wildflowers, four natural springs, and that doesn’t even touch the soccer fields. Also, can you imagine having a self-sustaining, green complex? Wind turbines, solar panels, pumped water from the table below, recycled water, working with local recycling companies, etc…I mean, the possibilities are endless for those who dare to dream.

Imagine driving along a road, out into the countryside: you’re going to play soccer, or to coach a team. As you pull up to the gate you’re shell shocked at the sight.

The road is elevated above the beginning of the complex, but you saw the beginning of the complex from the wind mills in the distance to the west of the highway. The fields have been built into the terrain, and nothing else has been flattened [aside parking]. There are lights throughout the fields, and the light summer breeze has the Missouri prairie grass blowing between the fields. I can see three fields immediately, and a complex for a growing stadium down the road. In the distance the light humming of turbines move with the breeze; powering the lights, potentially the facility? There are people walking along the paths that go throughout the complex; weaving in and out of the wooded areas, bridges crossing the constantly moving stream, and local wild flowers dotting the trail. Your eyes reach to the fence to the far west; a few fields covered, and two not being able to be viewed due to the tree line covering their existence. A small, barely visible fence shows a perimeter to the west as you attempt to take in the entire scene; what you don’t realize is that fence is the halfway mark of the facility. Another 55 acres lies beyond the fence. Fountains are running in a few of the seven natural ponds, and kids are yelling throughout the local youth club play. Your kids and yourself walk to field two to meet the team and get started on training.

Incredibly this is just another night at the complex; the best is to come, come Saturday evening. The people of the area will travel to the fields, park, and walk to the complex. Local beer will be on tap, and food will be served. Fireworks are fired off the wooden bed of a 40’s Dodge farm truck, and the electronic beats of 128 bpm DUB plays overhead. The crowd cheers as the announcer yells out the local team; your Kansas City Shock. The politics of soccer are barely seen, but cowboy boots and Wranglers are embraced by many. A blend of soccer kids, grown adults, and everyone in between dot the stands. By halftime the lights have kicked on for the field, along with lit walkways back to the parking complex. An exciting match takes place, with thanks going out to local, national, and international partners with the Kansas City Shock. With the game finishing up, the ladies take to the fence line; signing every paper, shirt, and ball being pushed in their face. No one is desperate to leave, and instead of hearing the roar of the city life, incredible soccer has found a home in the God’s backyard.

Heading back to the car, after an exciting game and a soccer filled week; you would have never imagined such a place to exist in the land “far away from the city”, and yet you’re amazed by the full seats of tonight’s match. Blue and orange string throughout the area, and people chat on their way home. Some head south into the metropolitan area of life, while others head north into a city of manufacturing. The rest? Head to their hometowns of 1,000 people or their rural farms throughout the pasture land.

While I watch you and yours head out, heading home from this new complex, after enjoying a night under the lights of something that was merely a prayer and a dream; I smile, watching the lights flip off, and players head out; quietly I whisper to God:

There’s no place like home.

How’s that for a dream? I can’t wait until the day that this reality comes true. The ability to accept people regardless of background, education, and experience in both real life and in soccer. Imagine a facility that incorporates the beauty of the natural architecture with the modernism of soccer facilities. Imagine a economic incentive of bringing business to these area small rural towns, and building micro-economies. Imagine the ideas of not just helping the players of the Kansas City Shock, but helping communities, farmers, industries, governments, and everyone else.

I want to merely build a sanctuary of evidence of what my God does.


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