Mobile Minutes: Darkness Before The Dawn

I’m sitting in small groups…err… sorry, life groups on this warm Wednesday night.

Darco didn’t get her promotion (yet) and the taco meat I made was awful tasting. It’s been tough times for us, things have just been frustrating for both of us. Life is just difficult, and no one said it would be different.

God has blessed me with a plentiful amount of teaching opportunities this past month. I’m almost in school every single day (including tomorrow). Our car has been repaired (at a discount), and the fuel is there. I’m working and Darco is as well. However, that doesn’t mean things are easy. We still need to get groceries, pay bills, and take care of each other.

However, times are darker then just what Darco and I realize in ourselves. I’ve been listening to the prayer requests tonight, and it isn’t just the standard natural disasters, national death levels, etc… it’s personal. Things are evil here.

I’ve always held onto to the optimism (delicately at times) that darkness comes before the dawn. Sometimes that means tomorrow and sometimes that means the return of Christ. It will get better, but that doesn’t mean right away.

I’m glad I’m not God, so, so thankful because the amount of prayer requests that He must receive I’d never be able to comprehend.

With all that said, at least through this pain and problems I can hold firm to something true:

This much pain means that we’re doing something right.


One response to “Mobile Minutes: Darkness Before The Dawn

  1. We are praying for you. It seems that everyone we know is also going thru tough times right now. Tell Darci DON’T GIVE UP! Sometimes businesses look at young people like they do older people….if she continues to apply…they will see how determined she is! Love you both! Remember – God is in control! He has a plan for each of us….Remember to “Write your plans in pencil, and remember that God has the eraser”! This was on Twitter today from Our Daily Bread.

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