Today has been beautiful. The kids were absolutely psychotic, but I saw three school districts fight over my availability (the high school won tomorrow).

Darco had an incredible day at work as well, and tonight has been even better.

We were eating our weekly wings at Applebee’s when a giant brownie and ice cream came to our table.


We didn’t order it (we never order dessert). Across the bar was a man in a Yankee’s cap. He’s the owner of our absolute favorite deli, Bleecker Street Deli Co. His food is easily the best deli I’ve ever had; scary good. I enjoy ensuring that I promote his food on Twitter and Facebook all the time.

He sent us the dessert as a “Thank You”.

While grabbing some coffee tonight I told Darco where this day should be contributed to for praise. It’s all God. Last night, alone, I had a beautifully painful confession time with God. It hurt and felt good at the same time. It was a simple, “I’m sorry.”

Tonight was a simple, “I love you.”


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