Mobile Minutes: List Time!

1. Brake line broke on my truck
2. Battery died in my truck
3. Brakes and rotors were ruined in Darco’s car
4. Darco hasn’t been promoted (yet)
5. The pastor resigned
6. The cat woke me up at 1:30 AM puking and attempting to use the restroom…outside his litter box (he’s sick)
7. I’ve been stranded outside for three hours now in Kansas City because the starter went out in the car. Getting it towed.
8. Darco was injured at work a few weeks ago. Now proceeding workmens comp.
9. Kansas City Shock
10. Broke the pizza stone
11. Killed the blender
12. Arguing…

There’s no “God won’t give you so much that you can’t handle.” That’s referred to as “theological crap”.

There’s no clean way to spin it. Darco and I have been taking an incredible beating as of late…

…we’re tired…


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