XO: Random @holidayinCCP Honeymoon

This was much needed…

It feels like these past few weeks have just been a spiraling, out of control, psycho-fest of drama, frustration, and pain.

However, God’s in control and He blessed Darco and I with a wonderful weekend. Entertainingly, a few weeks ago I saw a tweet that went something like “Retweet to enter for your chance to win…”, so since clicking a button is so easy; I retweeted it.

This is what happened following my post “Mobile Minutes: List Time!”

I figured out how to take screen shots on my phone...

I figured out how to take screen shots on my phone…

Needless to say, in a stance of borderline psychosis I started laughing like a maniac in the car, while it was broken, in Kansas City while I was deal with a sunburn. I started chatting with Holiday Inn CPP [CCP=Country Club Plaza]. It turns out that this wasn’t spam, and that I had indeed actually won something. In fact; it went something like this:

  • Free Nights Stay at Holiday Inn Country Club Plaza
  • Free Entry into the American Royal
  • Free VIP Entry into the Holiday Inn BBQ Tent at the American Royal

I was pretty pumped; poor Darco, I thought she was going to be in tears because she was so excited. I mean, neither of us are massive BBQ cooking fans, but it was the fact that we had a chance to finally escape from everything that had been crushing us over the past few weeks. So, we decided to make this the honeymoon that we never got after getting married.

I finished up school at Oak Park High School Friday morning, discovered an incredible taco place for lunch, and wrapped up my work day with 1st and 2nd grade art at Chapel Hill Elementary School [you have no idea…]. Afterwards, I met my wife down at the hotel. We learned that her security system in her car was acting up, and thanks to her uncle it was easily repaired [terribly annoying, especially considering that Jim and MC helped us tow the car home on Thursday].

We relaxed, and took our life to the Country Club Plaza. We ate dinner at our beloved friends place; Blanc Burgers & Bottles. Enjoyed a drink from Starbucks, walked the streets, and watched the massive thunderstorms enter into the city. It was a beautiful night.

Fiesta Fries


Cruising along the streets of the Country Club Plaza

Cruising along the streets of the Country Club Plaza

The next morning we had to leave before we could enjoy the BBQ and the American Royal. Ollie, our magical cat of the devil, decided to get sick earlier last week. Resulting in an emergency trip to the vet [thank you MC for assisting in getting the cat to the vet while the car was dead on Thursday]. Ollie was ready for pickup on Saturday, and we didn’t want the extra charge of keeping the cat at the vet over the weekend. The unfortunate part? The vet was 90 minutes north of where we were staying. This meant that during the afternoon on Saturday we had to head up to Angel’s [vet], grabbed a very tired, worn out, sad cat, and dropped him off at the apartment [FYI: He had some bladder issues, which is how I knew he was sick originally. I woke up at 1:35 AM Thursday to him trying to pee…on everything]. He’s much better, but still very, very tired. After leaving him at the apartment we drove back to the Holiday Inn, dropped off the car, got lost with our shuttle service to the American Royal, and finally around 4:00 PM CST we arrived at the American Royal.

Ollie is slowly, but surely recovering. He's already been in trouble once tonight.

Ollie is slowly, but surely recovering. He’s already been in trouble once tonight.

Now, the American Royal is quite the unique event in the city. It’s nearly a month long BBQ contest, rodeo, and assorted other things that rank between hillbilly/cowboy/yuppie. It’s strange; growing up in a small town in a corn field, the American Royal is it. However, in today’s world when you find soccer fans with their scarves, European beers, and who-knows-what-else trying to get pumped for a BBQ contest…it makes you question everyone’s sanity [including your own]. Either way, I had never been and it wasn’t like Darco and I was paying for the event. Walking in it was merely a large BBQ contest; similar to what our friend at 8-Bit BBQ, but much larger. We worked our way to the VIP tent, and honestly? We sat down, enjoyed the free bar, ate a ton of BBQ, and just enjoyed the day. Sitting on straw bales, her camo hat, my hoodie; cold outside…it was nice. We had fun. We didn’t leave until a random sixty year old man that we nicknamed “Drunkin Wheelie” lit up a joint. That was our reason to head out.

We stopped at Starbucks prior to heading home to our apartment. I have zero regrets about Friday and Saturday. It was a pleasure, and even though they really don’t know it. A simple retweet was all it took for my wife and I to enjoy a honeymoon. Again, like our wedding, nothing massive, grand scale, anything along those lines. However, it was personable, romantic, and it was just about her and I.

This will be a weekend that I’ll always cherish very close to my heart.

This will stand as a favorite for quite some time...

This will stand as a favorite for quite some time…

Side Notes: You can find both of us; Darco and myself on Twitter! You can also see our family Google+ page…seriously, we made one. It’s updated throughout the week, random links, and plenty of photos. You’ll also find a ton of Kansas City Shock information that we’re always proud to talk about.

Big thanks to Holiday Inn Country Club Plaza, Angel’s Vet, MC, Jim, and Blanc Burgers & Bottles for knowingly [and unknowingly] giving us a great weekend!


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