Mobile Minutes: Prep Time

Talk about flashbacks!

So, I’m needing to hit the hay quickly due to the insane day that is planned for tomorrow.

I have rosters typed up and printed
My teaching notebook is now constructed and ready to go.
Northgate gave me a key to my classroom…hehe *giddy*
I have professional development meetings tomorrow afternoon during the students early out
GLE’s were located and are now on my tablet and in physical form
Assignments and lesson plans for tomorrow have been constructed

Tomorrow morning:

  1. Rearranging the desks
  2. New seating chart
  3. Cleaning the room
  4. Found the yard stick
  5. School is issuing me a Mac book and iPad [IRONY!!!!]
  6. Planning out next weeks new unit on ecology

I won’t be the prudent liar; I’m pretty excited. I have NO IDEA where any of this is going to lead; if anywhere at all, but it is just refreshing. Sixth grade students; you can bounce everything off of them. I’ll take that over the political driven, suicidal thought provoking business world that I’m currently drowning in.

Plus, Darco is happy. Really happy. I hope I don’t disappoint her, and again, I have no idea what this might lead to. The school just learned today that I actually hold certification already in Missouri, even though it’s high school and a different subject.

I probably should stop talking about the future, the unknown future, and who knows what else…

All I know is that a large cup of coffee is waiting for me in the morning, and you know what…I’m actually pretty happy. When I was asked about teaching for the first time in three years, I didn’t completely turn away the idea.

Let God do His thing, and just sit back and chuckle at my own meandering thoughts I suppose.


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