Mobile Minutes: #KC Logo Explained


Let’s get down to business.
Last week Mayor Sly James released a new logo for the great Kansas City of the state of Missouri.

It was met with…several opinions.

Today I’m here to spread the truth.
The mayor is a transportation genius and it shows in the new logo.

Take a compass placing north to the right:

The primary line for the “K”: I-70
The top line of the “K”: I-29
The bottom line of the “K”: I-35
The “C”: I-435 (note that it is broken to the “north” to demonstrate that the “loop” is indeed broken, and offset at I-29)

Where do the lines meet? Downtown Kansas City. I-49 isn’t shown in order to highlight the downtown, and I-35 southbound are not placed on the icon in order to demonstrate a centralized Kansas City, Missouri, not the Kansas side.

Well played Mayor James, you sly man. Well played.

If you take this seriously, I’m concerned for you.


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