Few times in life do I get to post fascinating stories like my plans for next weekend:

Now, next Saturday morning [to my knowledge] I’m throwing hatchets in a hatchet throwing competition, but there’s more entertainment past that.

Lately I’ve been reaching out to a lot of recreation soccer programs in the area. Several of them I remembered from when I was a child growing up. I’ve heard back from a few, but one that I saw tonight really just made me smile:

Schedule a time with us… preferably a weekday during the day or evening/weekend after our season concludes. You are more than welcome to attend our Breast Cancer Tournament or our Fall Season Tournament to see our talents in person.

Now, that’s a glimpse of the message, but the context is just fascinating. I remember playing on the fields at this club when I was a kid. Now, I’m heading back the area again, but this time I’m bringing the industry I currently have with me. I suppose in full circle several of hopes are coming true. Several of the concepts behind the Kansas City Shock was being able to give back to the communities and programs that are frequently overlooked compared to others in the city.

This is just the beginning, but it’s again just a nice, subtle reminder that I’m doing exactly what God has requested me to do.


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