This morning has been a…nightmare.

Darco got up late for work. While heading to her work I FINALLY saw an opening for a job in the classroom. I took it.

However, I grabbed it at 6:50 AM CST, I need to report at 7:45 AM CST, and I currently live 50 miles away. This doesn’t include packing lunch, getting dressed, and as it turns out…fueling up the car.

As I said, absolute nightmare.

I thought it’d be wise to grab coffee on the way back to the apartment, after dropping Darco off, it would save time when leaving. Dead. Wrong.

Dunkin Donuts is packed on Friday mornings, I anticipate that. It was jammed this morning. Dozen and two dozen donuts everywhere. By the time I got out…with just a coffee, it was 7:03 AM CST.

I proceeded to hit every red light back home. Couldn’t find the case for my tablet, and the cat was in “chaos mode” (cat owners understand this).

I got out of the apartment by 7:10 AM CST.

Purchased fuel (and smacked my leg on the dashboard): 7:16 AM CST

By 7:17 AM CST I had 50 miles to cover in 28 minutes. Not going to happen.

By 7:35 AM CST I was in a standstill traffic jam on the interstate in the middle of nowhere (shout out to the federal government for reopening).

I made the dreaded phone call:

Hi, I’m one of your substitutes today, and I’m stuck in traffic (They’re going to kill me). I’ll be there shortly.

I arrived at 8:01 AM CST cursing under my breath. Incredibly, the problems of the world washed away when the secretary told me she wasn’t worried; the first two hours were planning periods anyways.

As I stepped into the classroom, soul barely intact, I started to think about how I was to handle a round of communication arts.

This is the lesson plan I found:


The description had been misleading. I was not teaching “ELA” as I had assumed. I had actually stepped into the public speaking/theater classroom of the school.

After briefly talking with the instructor, who was quite ill, I went from just sitting at a desk while the students wrote out assignments to being allowed to actually run the curriculum with them as an introduction to debate.

If you know me, you know exactly why this is a “getyourpraiseon” moment.


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