XO: Imagination Live

There are few things in life I’ll ever understand…definitely not a joke, but a reality that I’ve slowly started to grasp for myself and my own existence.

However, there will be one thing that I’ll always hold onto as understanding, embracing, and accepting:

My imagination.

I’m learning the rarity of my unique circumstance more and more on a daily basis; something about a twenty-six year old with an imagination is…well…somewhat unheard of. Honestly it’s something that I don’t fully understand, because I don’t understand how an individual even loses their imagination.

Realistically, how do you think innovation comes up? Science and logic? Logically speaking, logic should never be included into the realm of creativity. I think this concept stems from a conversation that I had with Darco tonight; like so many other things it had to do with business, and there was a significant difference between mindsets on options to resolve the issue at hand [how’s that for being cloudy with thought].

Broken down it came to the epic battle of ‘versus’: Realism vs Imagination

Here’s the deal: While I was growing up, MC was the definition of a realist. It didn’t matter what concept came to mind, she would be sure to show me the ‘realistic options’ to the idea. It was painful to listen to. In my head everything makes sense, it can be constructed, adjusted, built, approved, and released. However, to other people they hear an idea and immediately think, “Well, let’s troubleshoot this. Option A won’t work because…Option B won’t work because…”, and if not careful it can quickly derive into pessimism. As you can imagine, growing up, MC and I had several conflicts because of that specific problem. I hate hearing what I can’t do when it seems like no one thinks that I can accomplish anything.

Do you feel the pain yet?

Tonight, I understood the phrase, “You marry your parents”, as it came into full light. I stared across the tablet to a beautiful woman that didn’t understand what was in my head. This further escalated into another topic; faith.

In my warped world I connect an imagination and faith together. They compliment one another. Faith is believing in things you cannot see, and imagination revolves around being able to mentally construct and comprehend things that aren’t real; no matter how strange they may be; right?

What’s stranger then believing in an entity that created everything around you, controls everything, you can’t see it, hear it, or touch it. Beyond that it has the power to snap its fingers, and at random could choose to change all humans into giraffes [cue Facebook joke]?

But obviously faith and imagination don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, right? Why do you think Jesus spent so much time talking about, “…having faith like a child.” Because they get it! Kids understand it, they’re not wrapped up in cultural implications and understandings, they believe that the big guy is able to do anything.

So what’s our excuse?

It is something that has bothered me for years upon years, and it’s only gotten worse with the Kansas City Shock. Understand, if I’m speaking with someone who isn’t a Christian…faith, I’m not really worried about it. I’m just having a fun conversation about who knows what. With that said, if I’m talking to a believer [I’ve heard that term a bit too much in recent weeks], and they pull the whole “realism” card; it’s offensive to me. Even to the point that I once heard a preacher state to his congregation:

You know the phrase ‘nothing is impossible’? That’s not true. I can’t sing, and I know that I’ll never be a good singer, that isn’t my design.

Apologies here, but who said what you do is about your life specifically? Last I checked, God spoke through a donkey in the Old Testament. This is the fear of realism; this is where we put God in a box and we say, “Sure I’ll have faith in You, right here. As for these topics though? No, I’ve got them taken care of.”

Are we grasping my frustration?

If faith wasn’t a requirement in my life, please understand this clearly…THE KANSAS CITY SHOCK WOULD NOT EXIST!

In fact, I’ll go further in thought: I shouldn’t have gone back to God after the divorce, I shouldn’t have gone back to faith when creating a business, I shouldn’t have had faith when a church body disowned me, or when I needed money to travel to Guatemala…I would say out of the majority of individuals that I’m around; I’ve been given 5 million different reasons to stop with faith, to accept reality, and walk away from everything that I place my trust in…but obviously I’m foolish because I haven’t learned my lesson yet.

Additionally, I haven’t seen the ‘miracle’ yet in the business world. I can’t confess that having a business is easy, and I can’t fully express the financial frustrations of life outside of work. However, I hold onto faith that life will continue, that God is good, and that we are protected. If I’m following His commandments, and I’m following His plan for my life, how can I go wrong and how dare I even attempt to quantify the understandings of what God is capable of.

Mark these words as prophetic wisdom: I encourage you to watch the Kansas City Shock, and watch what happens within that program, because you had better believe that God is getting ready to blow the doors off of that organization and something incredible is getting ready to take place. Do I know what? Nope. That’s the half the fun, but I can’t wait to see the faces of not necessarily the unbelievers, but the Christians who waver in their faith, and see the look in their eyes of understanding,

He is all powerful. I am nothing, and anything is possible.

Then again…this could all just be my imagination getting the best of me…


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