XO: Steaks

Darco and I wound up at a unique restaurant last night; Hereford House, this is, true to its name, a steak house in Kansas City [one of millions]. It was very delectable, and given the rather stressful week, it was very much needed.

Furthermore, it was actually a couple who had invited us to dinner at this restaurant. It was a pleasant evening, and the husband of the couple spoke of his years being in the entrepreneurship world and the mighty stresses that come with it. Several decades into it though, he still hasn’t stopped. Some businesses have failed, there have been a few shortcomings, but it’s still something he loves to do.

Some people are just born to build; it’s the genetic wiring in the individual that drives them to create new concepts, opportunities, and ideas. It could be a blend of imagination with determination, maybe something to prove, or perhaps it’s simply just the thing that they know they’re supposed to do.

It’s to no surprise really that not all people can handle a cubicle, or spending years trying to ‘move up the corporate ladder’. Honestly, how Darco has the patience that she does just blows my mind.

It was refreshing to have this conversation last night, to at least know that I’m not overly insane. Sadly, through all the different people I’ve spoken to over the years; especially about the Kansas City Shock, the only words that I seem to recall is the simple, unfiltered phrase:

…the reality is, no one gives a #### about you…

I wish that conversation was wrong. I truly, honestly wish it was incorrect, but sadly it’s 100% true. It doesn’t matter how novel the idea is, how unique, or how passionate you are about the topic; the vast majority don’t really care. Gates, Jobs, Edison, Tesla, Ford, they all found that out the painful way, and in many cases; I’m learning that I’m no different.

Mentally, I could construct every possible scenario, idea, concept, belief, or idea known to mankind, but without the people, the passion, or the community it is absolutely nothing.

That’s a hard pill to swallow.

FilingThePapers was always intended to be a place of honesty; no matter how hard it is to digest or accept.

The honest truth it; I’m losing. I’m losing miserably. Everyday it’s a new battle, it’s the same prayer, and it’s often the same result. I thought that rejection letters from high schools over the years would ease the concept of rejection when owning my own business…not even close. You can hear the laughter in the typed out words, the disregarded sense of caring between the words through each lightly pressed space bar.

The prayer stays the same though:

Show them what You’re made of…

It’s the only thing I know to pray for. I don’t ask for money, because that’s shallow. I don’t ask for success, because that’s selfish. I can’t express to you badly I just want God to do His thing, blow the walls down, and just leave people without an excuse. That’s all I truly desire; trust me, you can search my soul and that’s what you’d find. There’s nothing for me to gain, it isn’t about my gain, as much as my sinful self states that it could be, it won’t be.

Perhaps I’m just worn out from the week, but I look at this mountain that’s supposed to be overcame, and I know God can do it at the flip of His brow, but that doesn’t make it any easier on myself. I know God’s there, He’s not silent, He’s just still…and it causes me to not exactly know what to do.


P.S. Due to the insane amount of drama that now exists on Facebook [gross], if you’re curious on keeping tabs with our ongoing, borderline psychotic family; please check us out on Google+!

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