Mobile Minutes: Reckless Wanderings

I’ve got fifteen minutes before I have to head back to class. For the sake of enjoyment I’ve allowed my taco induced cranium to crank away on a pretty cool daydream:

Waking up on a warm May morning. My wife is already at work, and I’m done in the classroom until August. I step into the bathroom attached to our bedroom, it’s been four years since we moved here. It’s a beautiful single floor home in the northern Kansas City area. After a relaxing shower, I walk into the kitchen and pick from the multitudes of coffees in the room; perks of having a wife with Starbucks. I step through our sliding back door and feel my feet on the freshly cut grass. Our yard isn’t huge, but it is a yard.
As I step back into the house the orange “dark one”, our cat, has awoken from wherever it sleeps. My morning is just getting started as I walk down the hall into the other bedroom. There, still asleep, lays our little girl. Silently asleep, her mom’s hair…and with the ‘pop’ of her eyes, my obvious sleeping habits. I carefully pick her up and welcome her back to reality. After getting her ready, and breakfast taken care of we hop in the truck and head north. She calls it “daddy date”, I quietly call it work. Through the new developments, passed the finished parkway, and semi-new mall we drive for another fifteen minutes. We arrive to ‘work’, a group of players are warming up, and their coach is speaking with the assistant over today’s training session. The turf is warm to the touch, but not hot. We walk over to the coaches, the players steal my daughter, and we prepare to watch another training session with the Kansas City Shock. The program has continued to grow, the complex is near completion, and our season is starting soon. It’s sitting, watching the ball streak across the sky, that I think back to when nothing seemed possible. Ideas and problems plagued life, and through a few big moments, life was forever changed.

…back to work.


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