Mobile Minutes: Be Brave

Sitting out in the woods during deer season this morning, thinking the morning away.

I’ve been thinking of a quote from the Divergent series:

Be brave…

Simplistic in thought, the notion holds true to its entirety, being brave.

In recent days I’ve witnessed potential job offers, life changing events, and interviews. Realistically speaking, it’d put my gig with Subway to shame. However, it requires me to be brave. Like anything new this is a new industry for me, very new. There is anticipation, expectations, and a ton of pressure. I feel it. It requires relocation, sacrifice, and the expansion of my mind.

It’s a new realm of life, but it requires bravery and faith.

I have another meeting on Monday, at this beautiful building with a lakeside view. I’m nervous, trying to put a numerical value to my work seems impossible, but I have to find one along with locating some confidence.

As for now though, I’m looking for my second deer of the season. Follow #CornFed13 hashtags on Twitter, Google+, and Instagram to see this weekend unfold.


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