XO: What’ll It Take

It’s taken a few days for the adjustment to sit in with the realization of the job that I now face. It’s incredible, a daily challenge, new adventures, and I never sit still. I’ve never required coffee so much in my life.

It’s late tonight, I’m working from home tomorrow, which trust me; it’s going to be wonderful to get things organized in my head after a week filled with numbers, campaigns, and meetings. I’d say that I feel like a ‘grown up’, but my job isn’t 9-5 and for the most part I don’t work in a cubicle…sort of.

I was eating dinner with Darco tonight, after fighting the sleet and ice to get home from the ‘office’. I was explaining to her that on all accounts this is a dream job that people can’t even really wrap their heads around. I mean, guys come on, I’m being paid to create social media campaigns, operate social media accounts, and build a following. How cool is that?



I’m still learning about Mazda; as of yesterday I was placed in charge of the two dealerships social media accounts. I’ve given up on some YouTube work this evening; I grew too frustrated to even care and didn’t wish to break the laptop. However, that’s a good frustration; knowledge that you’re working on a project and you’re going to see results.

All of this really stems from a motivation, a drive, to go above and beyond. It’s no longer about proving myself, it’s more about just doing what I’m actually good at. That was the first hard step; recognizing that I am good at something. LinkedIn numbers don’t lie, the amount of people that have endorsed me for social media usage is…high, when compared to other endorsements. I never thought of it really being used as a tool or even a specific skill set until now. It was really implanted in my head when I was sitting in the interview, day two, and the owner looks at me and says:

So, what’s it going to take to have you.

Naturally, I won’t go into details about what that was. However, what I’m still shocked at to this point is the idea that someone wanted me, I mean really wanted me on their team. They desired to have a skill set that they thought I had to assist in the betterment of the company. That’s an eye opener for me, and something that I’m not accustomed to. The harsh truth is that I’m used to being in the way, and making myself known, but rarely do I ever have the honor of being wanted. I’m sure the owner will never know about what that meant to me, and that’s alright, but if there truly was something ‘life changing’ about that experience, it was knowing that for a change I had something, something unique about me, that was in demand.

The image from that conversation will sit with me for the rest of my life.

As for now, time for some sleep. YouTube has been fixed, and my eyelids are getting extremely heavy.


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