*…takes sip of an overly sweet peppermint white mocha…*

Remember this post a few weeks ago?

I think we pulled one thing out of that entire paper, things are changing, seasons are changing, and our lives are changing.

Looking back, I had no clue how drastic that concept would actually be. Two weeks ago I took a life changing job, with my first paycheck coming this Monday. Again, without playing the numbers game, it is life changing. Today, Darco and I came home with a new adventure:

Our first car.

So, yesterday I had to head over to the office for an open house party; prior to that I needed to grab a few photos of a new car at one of the dealerships. For introduction to who I work with, I brought Darco with me. I somewhat, jokingly told Darco that she should see if we could get financed for a new car. It’s truly a joke between the two of us because my credit score has been destroyed, and hers is really non-existent. Even in the beginning we couldn’t even qualify for a small loan to buy new furniture. Instead of being bitter about it, we accept it, pay with cash, and know that the credit score is something for the future.

Knowing that you’ll understand my surprise when my wife walked up to me, crouched next to the new car, and asked,

what’s your social security number?

Now, I’ve been on this planet long enough, and wrapped up with her long enough to know that when a social security number is requested, something is up. I asked her what was going on, and she explained to me that Don [one of the sales reps] had been talking to her while I was working on the car. Darco made mention that we joke about the credit score, would like a new car, but would never qualify.

I guess Don saw this as a late afternoon challenge.

After finishing up my project I sat down with Darco while Don was running some numbers. There were a few things I hadn’t taken into consideration through this process. I work for Dak Investment, the company that controls Premier Mazda and Overland Park Mazda, and my payroll goes through Premier Mazda. Meaning, I’m technically one of their employees. This translates into employee discounts [not just for coffee shops, Subway, and Rue 21 it turns out], plus the sale we’re currently holding on the cars ($3,000 off any new Mazda, no strings attached, trust me I’ve looked), plus the guys at the dealership work really, really well with the banks.

Somehow [we’re going to say by the grace of God] we were approved for a new car.

I’m still in shock.

However, I’ll give you ‘gear heads’ a few specs on the contraption [to the best of my ability]. We purchased a candy red, 2013 Mazda3. It is the iTouring package with the spoiler. A 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder engine with SkyActiv technology [meaning the MPG runs around 41]. It has a few fun bells and whistles; blue tooth, the optional “manual” shift, display screen, dual climate control for the front seats. We’re still looking over some of the fun details in the car. Darco and I took the car home last night as a ‘test drive’ [200 miles] and brought it back today. The handling is incredible, and Mazda3 does have an insanely high safety record. It’s a four door, and technically not sports car. How many miles did it have? Around 300, and that going to two people with two vehicles that have a collective 460,000 miles between them, that’s impressive.

Now, as I said, Darco was originally with me because of an open house at our new office building at Lake Lotawana, Missouri. It was a great opportunity for me to ‘appear’ as a grown up, introduce my wife, let her meet my boss, and take in where I spend a good chunk of my work day.

First of all, describing the office building (name: Lake Shore Plaza) is very, very hard to do. 11 offices with one main conference room in the middle. Large, I mean HUGE flat screen televisions in each room [T1 internet, satellite package, wireless]. The conference room has two along with a SmartBoard all along one wall. Two small offices along with my boss’s office overlook the lake towards the south. There’s a small kitchen in the back near the restrooms, elevator, and smoking patio. Upon entering you’re greeted by a 400 pound, solid bronze eagle and two reception desks. That’s all the top floor.

The bottom floor is an event space. It’s the original stone walls from the preexisting building, with a fireplace. You’ll note the indoor waterfall at the stairway leading into the event room. The kitchen is all industrial, commercial grade oven, stove, refrigerator, microwave, and three vat sink. The whole area is fenced off with a pin code to get access, and the entire building has wireless internet.

It’s a lot for a twenty six year old to take in, let alone a twenty year old.

More important then the building was the opportunity for my wife to meet who I work for; Mr. K. Personally, I’ve never worked for someone that I trust as much as I do this guy. He’s older, extremely successful, and you wouldn’t know it from meeting him. Extremely humble, but very business oriented. Someday I’ll make a longer post about my adventures with Mr. K, but currently there’s just one thing that he told my wife that I think is worth quoting on here:

Here’s the thing your husband doesn’t know, and I’ll tell ya. He’s underutilized, he’s been underutilized and not been given the chance to truly reach his potential. That’s my job, he doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to end up doing amazing things that he never dreamed of, and I’ll ensure that he gets there.

These are the people you want to work for in your life. Mr. K knows my life; he knows about all of it. I was informed by the person who got me in the door that the key with this man was to be honest, so that’s the route I took, and I’m thankful I did. It’s nice to know that even though I screw up, there’s people that’ll go to bat for me. The entire office that I work with comprises of these people; all stemming from Mr. K.

It's rather shiny...

It’s rather shiny…

Whether she realizes it or not, similar to my parents, knowing that someone within the workforce actually thinks that of me [or at least says it] means more then I’m sure they’ll ever realize. Spend a dozen years living a life where everything you do has to be forced in order for people to even pay attention to you, and finally it feels like the cuffs are unlocked and your free. It’s hard to describe, and even harder to get used to. Technically there’s an office I work in at Lake Shore Plaza, another office at Premier Mazda, and another one at Overland Park Mazda. It’s rather uncanny, but I absolutely love it, and the best part is trying to explain to people exactly what I do:

Well, I get paid to operate Facebook accounts…

Of course there’s more to it, but that’s the interesting reality. I’m being paid to operate, maintain, and build social media platforms for a growing company. It just turns out that in this process, there are also several perks that come along, including the opportunity to purchase a vehicle.

So, Darco and I sat down last night, nearly falling asleep on our computers, going through the budget with the recent adjustments in our lives and today we signed the paperwork and drove home our first car.

That’s my random car buying tale; it was fun, stressful, and exciting. I think between Darco and myself, neither of us slept well in the past 48 hours. Sleep tonight will be welcomed.


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