Mobile Minutes: Bigger

Sitting at GCC (Grace Community Church), listening to the pastor talk about Faith-Giving. He’s hanging out in Hebrews for the day.

The primary focal point that I’m getting out of it is the simple question:

How much faith do you really have? Do you really believe what you proclaim you believe.

Unlike last night, things in the family are amazing. Job, car, wife, etc…I would hope that through humility it would demonstrate God’s timing, and His grace.

With that being said, there are things in life that are still bigger then I know what to do with. Naturally, the Kansas City Shock comes to mind. It’s so big, just churning like a storm cloud miles away on a drought stricken plain. You know it’s there, and you know eventually it’s going to pour, and you’re just holding on, hoping, praying, knowing, and just wondering how long you can hold out. Can you make it to the rain?

That image is directly the Shock, you know it’s there, you know it’s coming, and you’re holding on, trying to make it.

How do you make it? How do you survive? Easy.

You don’t, by yourself. You can’t make it on your own.

Instead of getting stuck on what is, what so many deem as “reality”, get wrapped up in dreaming. Dreaming isn’t a waste of time, as so many will comment, it’s demonstrating that your arrogance of the unknown lies directly with God.

Only He can make it rain.


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