XO: Throwback

Alright; let’s take a look into the treasure chest of goodies…

...so young and innocent...

…so young and innocent…

Bam! Incredibly I had just graduated high school when this photo was taken [not digital mind you]; the summer of 2005. As I explained to Darco tonight over some hot cocoa; the stories I have from that summer are memories that you cling to for your entire life.

The short story is that I had once gone to a church camp called “Super Summer”; in fact I went to “Super Summer” from 6th grade all the way through my senior year, and came back as a counselor during college. It was my summer home. However, during my final year as a ‘student’ a random girl I met named Ashley struck up a conversation with me. Over the week we began a fun friendship of random thoughts, humor, and plenty of laughter.

It really was my first experience being around someone my age that was a Christian, but still knew how to have a sense of humor [can I get an amen].

By the end of the week Ashley said that I should come visit her and her friends the following week at a place called Bates Creek. Bates Creek was a church camp held in southern St. Louis, Missouri in Jefferson County. It was the first time in my life that I had been offered something that was random, sporadic, and frankly…kind of fun.

I took it.

For the next week I was surrounded by strangers I had never met, fell in love with some wonderful people, created a massive slip-n-slide with trash bags, baby oil, and shampoo, received a sun burn so severe that my skin was purple, and had the time of my life.

It was at this point, Bates Creek, that I started to realize that it’s alright to try new things, step out of my comfort zone, and frankly just ‘roll with it’.

I was explaining this story to my wife because we’re currently in a very similar situation in our lives. There’s opportunities that exist that are already life changing, but there are others over the horizon that words can’t describe. Random example; if the world works perfectly [hehe…], I’ve been placed in a position to earn several hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next year to two years. That’s. Not. Normal. Frankly, it’s terrifying realizing that ‘dreams’ can easily become realities.

I owe a lot to that camp, I owe my life [and then some] to God for getting me to step out of what was comfortable. If none of it hadn’t ever happened; I can assure you that this piece would never have been typed.


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