Mobile Minutes: Terror

Easily just woke up from the most terrifying, devastating surreal nightmare. Yes, it was during just a midday nap, but I woke up shaking and clinging onto my wife. I haven’t been that terrified from something in my sleep in a very, very long time.

I’ll just get the gist out:

I was working at a camp, swimming in the river until the storm clouds came up. It was our last day, so we packed up and headed home. When I arrived home, I went to our apartment and talked to the neighbors. The neighbors wanted to talk about taking our apartment when our lease was up [in a few months]. Upon my arrival in my apartment, my wife was at work, and I was left to watch some television and eat a sandwich. It was about that time the lights flickered and the earth shook just a bit. I stood up, put my clothes on and stepped outside.

There was a group congregating outside of an office building, church goers who I had known over the years, and I joined up with them. For some reason MC was with the mix, but Jim was still at work [this is an assumption as it wasn’t clarified in the nightmare]. I was wearing Google Glass, seeing if I could find any information about the small tremor online. Myself and some others were walking along a strip of roads to see if perhaps that the movement came from a small explosion under the street [pipelines and whatnot]. Unfortunately nothing was of resolve. Getting back into our group the alerts via the national governing agency for natural disasters started to override everything around us; televisions, radio, even cell phones were going into a standby-alert mode. My Google Glass notified me of a massive quake in Alaska:

30.2, 31.9, 31.9…Alaska…30.2, 31.9, 31.9…Alaska…

Anyone with a basic knowledge in tectonic plates, earth sciences, and natural disasters understand that the Richter Scale knows that those numbers are unreal.

That was exactly my thought. However, it was halfway accepted considering the likelihood of large quakes in the Alaska region as history has taught us. I accessed Twitter and briefly typed, “Dear God. Alaska.” thinking that it would be widely accepted in the Twitter world as condolences for those who were lost because with numbers like that; people were going to be lost. It was after that transmission that the alerts went off again.

15.2, 15.2, 15.9…Oklahoma City…15.2, 15.2, 15.9…Oklahoma City…
31.9, 32.5, 30.2…London…31.9, 32.5, 30.2…London…31.9, 32.5, 30.2…London…

Upon this information, and the ground nearly knocking us to our knees, the sad realization started to rest upon our souls.

Our planet was breaking up.

Recognizing the seismic activity from Oklahoma City is not overwhelmingly uncommon; recognizing that Oklahoma City is gone…is. Then there was London, for several, including myself. This didn’t make sense. I’m sure this is why the alert system continued to notify that the numbers did pertain to London the city. While all of that was taking place, the people I was with started to take shelter in an office building a few blocks from my apartment. MC, weak from the stress and the heat, was gingerly being taken care of to get into the shelter. For the sake of commentary my words upon entering were, “If this is really going on; this is probably the last place that I’d like to be.”

For the brief second of electricity the televisions showed the devastation of the earthquakes, more importantly it also showed the eruption of volcanoes from around the world. Further indication that mother natures heartburn was about to be a serious problem for all of us. Accepting this information my mind finally slowed down to recognize MC and that my wife was nowhere to be found; after working merely a few miles away. I walked to MC, seated on a cot, and said, “What do I need to do to help you?” My initial fear was my mother being left behind because her lack of strength would wear down a moving group of people; something that I wasn’t going to permit. Her only words to me were, “You should be worried about where your wife is”; which was countered by, “She’s smart. She’s a traveler, she’s a survivor. She’ll get here.”

It was all I could do to hold my composure, and several times over I tried to convince myself that this was only a dream. The problem with that fixation was the fact that I couldn’t wake up. No matter how much I reacted, tried to awaken, I was stuck in this nightmare, a fixed reality that I had succumbed to.

It was only at the true time of panic; the understanding that you’re going to die, everyone is going to die, the life is over and everyone is going with you that dreams tend to unravel. There was no question about reality, but the dream itself abruptly ended prior to the demise of the people that I was around and the world that I lived in.

I awoke in a dark room. Trying to understand my location and what I was doing in this room. I tried to understand that Darco had to be at work early in the morning, and it was time to get up. However, I hadn’t heard any alarms and I was terrified that Darco had slept through hers; making her late for work. A terrible way to start the day. Granted, while trying to process that thought while waking up my wife, my mind was preoccupied by the cognitive understanding of the events that unfolded within my subconscious. I was shaking, breathing incredible hard, and couldn’t adjust to reality.

It was only after some time, through an ever loving wife, that I started to understand that it was 6:30 at night, I had slept through much of the evening (three hours) and that I needed to get up.

An hour later I’m still trying to filter the garbage of that nightmare out of my head, burring myself into some work that needed to be done, and getting this post made.

However, no matter the strive, the imagery of a very deplorable world haunts my most inner workings.


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