XO: Sucking Air


This is me trying to catch my breath.

I was driving to work a few days ago and I thought, “Man, it’s been a while since I actually had the opportunity to get a post up at FilingThePapers; like an actual post. I should fix that.”

1:00 in the morning is a perfect time to get caught up. The reality is that life is just a giant whirlwind that never stops, and lately I’ve been sucked up right into the middle of the vortex. Of course I pin most of this on my involvement at Dak Investment [my job]. It is quite literally a new challenge each day that I wake up. I mean, imagine this; currently I’m operating:

-Seven Twitter Accounts
-Six Facebook Pages
-Three YouTube Channels
-Five Google+ Pages

I can assure you; that’s a lot to keep track of 24/7/365. Either the computer or the phone is next to me at all hours of the day. Remember, I’m doing all of this while I’m also operating the Kansas City Shock. The social media influence on the Kansas City Shock is one of the primary reasons I even got this job, so as you can imagine upkeep on all fronts is rather important. The important question is easily becoming, “When do I sleep?” What I’ve learned is that I sleep where I can fit it in. I attempt to get eight hours; most nights I don’t, so I’ll try to edge a nap in. Such as the time between work and an even soccer meeting; Darco will drive so that I can get a nap in while on the road.

It’s an adventure, and it’s still kind of hard to believe that I’m actually doing it. It’s also hard to find the balance between joking and emphasis on what work is in this field.

The joking side of me says that I’m being paid to operate a Facebook account. There’s some truth behind that. The serious side of me though tries to get people to understand that cognitively I’m having to multitask in several different industries all at once. While I’m working on car dealerships, I’m answering phone calls on a residential/commerce development, and at the same time I’m sending an email to two old men who have PhD’s in engineering. That’s when I’m not messing around with the Kansas City Shock; does that all make sense?

I physically don’t show it, but mentally I’m fried by the end of the day. In fact, it got to such an extreme point so quickly that I had an eye appointment this morning because my prescription wasn’t right. I was getting headaches and car sick from reading all the time. Today I’ve learned that my eyes have gotten slightly worse, and I did also pick up a pair of glasses as well. I wear contacts constantly, and I really need some time to let my eyes breathe [bonus: the new frames coming in; they’re definitely Oakley].

However, this should be stated; I absolutely love this opportunity and the insane adventures that come with it. I truly mean some insane things come out of these daily events, and it’s going to lead to some amazing opportunities with the Kansas City Shock.

Outside of that; I’ve received the entire Adobe Acrobat Suite; lot’s of experimenting with photography, video, and other goodies. Again, both beneficial for work and the Kansas City Shock. I believe I have a new GoPro camera coming in on Monday to mess with as well. GoPro+Cars+Video Software=A ton of fun.

Spiritually I’ll be the first to admit that life isn’t where I’d like it to be. Switching churches hasn’t been the easiest, and we’re still trying to get better plugged-in with the group. My work hours obviously mess with that substantially, and we’re still praying that more people our age will start showing up. I try to spend the first ten minutes of each morning just giving thanks for everything that I can think of. This life has been a wild ride, and as nice as a lot of things are that I have, the truth is that none of them are mine, and it’s crucial to give glory and honor where it is due. I still have a lot of learning to do, and spiritual strength is needed in the work that I do. The business world is very scary, and very corrupt. Every day there seems to be at least one snare or another just waiting each corner that I turn. Frankly, I know this is drastic sounding, but the classroom appears to be spiritually safer for myself versus what I’m currently witnessing. This probably means I’m in the right place.

I do miss the classroom; I’m averaging about one dream a night about teaching. It’s sad, and I wake up sad; those are things that I can’t lie about. However, as much as I miss the kids, the teachers, and the organizations that I was with; this was the right call. One of the biggest struggles that I dealt with personally in the classroom environment is something that I don’t have to deal with, with the work I currently have. Frankly, I consider that a huge blessing.

Darco and I are doing well; we have at least two of our three vehicles running at the moment [the week we bought the new Mazda3, the other car died, and my truck was in the shop; the truck is back home]. We’re getting all of our bills caught up in order to move at the beginning of next year. I did place a disclaimer on the event; stating that we won’t move anywhere until we’re caught up on all the bills. Prior to this job, we were making it, but not with ease and took a few hits that we’re currently ironing out. God’s provided, and we’re grateful for it. In January her and I are embarking a very fun trip; we’re driving from here to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the NSCAA Convention [a soccer version of ComiCon…without the humor]. I’m still figuring out how it’ll look on this site, but we’ll be recording the entire event for sure. Primarily for the Kansas City Shock, but also for the joy of digital humor.

Finally, as I eluded too earlier tonight, my biggest concern at the moment is my health. I hate having to go through weight loss processes; it drives me nuts. However, as I’ve learned, living in the city is horrible. I thought living somewhere with a gym would be great, but truthfully; I miss the open roads to run on, and it definitely shows…sadly. So, I’m revamping my concepts on how I can approach that, because I need to be more physically attractive for Darco. She deserves it, and I’m letting her down. There’s a haunting concept that this is a similar path of what I did before in my previous marriage, and I don’t want to fall into that trap again. Also, Darco, as it turns out, can’t handle gluten or dairy products. This has translated into our diets being completely redesigned as well. The positive out of it so far is that my caffeine consumption has dropped drastically. Most days I’m averaging one cup of coffee, and the rest of the day is water. That’s a very, very big deal for myself.

If your eyes burn at this point; I don’t blame you. My fingers hurt, and I seriously need to go to bed.

As you can tell; life is moving along quite rapidly. However, it isn’t enough. I’m not doing enough, and personally I feel as if I’m getting rather lazy on specific areas of my life that should be highlighted. It’s a vicious balancing act that I haven’t figured out, but I do look forward to it once it finally clicks.

One of my recent projects; @LakeShore_Plaza. Also known as my current office.

One of my recent projects; Lakeshore Plaza. Also known as my current office.


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