XO: Time of Year

Do I dare type up New Year’s Resolution ideas?

Nope. That’s stupid.

A list of dreams and ideas isn’t enough to get me to believe that it’s worth the waste of time to writing them up, and getting it all nice and pretty for the population to read.

However, the truth is that we’re in 2014. This will mean that FilingThePapers will be turning on its third birthday when July hits this year. How’s that for mind blowing? Yes, I’m just as surprised as you are that this place continues to move at such the pace that it has. It’s like I said before on here, MC has her gardening, I have FilingThePapers, a digital resort to where I can always relax and entertain myself at your expense.

With that said, instead of the resolutions, let’s look at a few ‘for fact’ events that’ll be transpiring in 2014 already [with the list ready to grow]:

  • Philadelphia:
    Date: January 15th-January 19th
    Why: NSCAA Convention/League General Meeting
    Details: Darco and I are hitting the road! We’re taking the Mazda3 and blazing a trail from Missouri to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and back again. We’ll be working with a GoPro camera, a ton of caffeine, and way too much EDM on the radio. We’re actually heading to the convention to shake hands, make friends, and chat soccer business. However, we’ll also be running around the countryside finding our players that live in the area, and also reconnecting with some long, lost friends.
  • Dallas:
    Date: January 30th-31st
    Why: USA Women’s National Soccer Team vs Canada Women’s National Soccer Team
    Details: Why? The real question is why not? This’ll be a slight reenactment of the first trip that I took with a certain someone a while back. It’ll be a fun trip, great soccer, familiar location, and of course…Whataburger.
  • Boston:
    Date: April
    Why: Boston Breakers Home Opener
    Details: This is a family tradition now. It was just last year that I first step foot into “Bean Town”, and for the most part I loved every moment of it. So much so that I need to do it again, but this time with my best friend. So, Darco and I will be flying out to Boston in April in order to see the home opener of the Boston Breakers, a team in the National Women’s Soccer League, and truthfully some really good friends of the Kansas City Shock.
  • Kansas City Shock
    Date: March-July
    Why: My Life
    Details: Begin year two! It’s hard to believe that the Kansas City Shock will be heading into its second season, and its third year of existence. This year we’ll be having our standard squad, but also a new high school aged academy system during the spring. I have no clue what to expect, though I am excited, and this much I know; we’ll be in the championship of the league this year. Here’s to open roads, thousands of miles, stinking socks, and soccer girl problems everywhere.
  • Dak Investment
    Date: 365/24/7
    Why: Work/Pleasure
    Details: TBD. I’ve been with the company for a month, and I can already tell you that by July this thing is going to be so insane, that the stories will never be believed, understood, or comprehended. However, it’s going to be one exciting, adventurous ride.
  • Fitness
    Date: Tomorrow [no, seriously]
    Why: I looked in the mirror.
    Details: Darco and I have looked at the budget, analyzed our lives, and have set out on a mission. We will get fit. We will be attractive. We will rule the world! Actually, we just want to lose some weight, add some muscle, and run like crazy. I made a deal with the girlfriend of the owner of Rock & Run Brewery that I’ll be running six miles with them in April. I better get started now. It’ll be fun. It’s going to require a ton of work [and even more self discipline], and it is embarrassing having to do this all again. However, the biggest difference between now compared to past attempts; I have someone along side that’s just as determined as I am. Look for 5K races, random road trips, and a lot of pretty sunsets throughout the year.
  • Moving
    Date: Winter/Spring
    Why: Job Placement
    Details: As announced back in 2013, Darco and I are trading in our saddles of the city we currently reside in and are heading into the big city. We’re not really sure where we’re going to wind up. She’s going to work on the north side, my offices are on the south side, but life exists in the middle. So, who knows, but we’re both excited for moving forward.
  • Debt
    Date: Daily
    Why: Because we can.
    Details: God has blessed us with incredible opportunities with a new job, a new car, and several other luxuries of our lives that truthfully we don’t deserve. With this great power comes great responsibilities. Darco has been going at it for a few weeks now on our finances, budgets, and everything in between. She’s created formulas and plans to ensure that our debts from 2013 will not be repeated, and instead of always getting stuck in ruts, we can move forward in life. My big goal for her is to be able to get her a new vehicle by the end of 2014. This would ensure two new vehicles and a truck. That would be ideal. In fact, her job promotion would push that into the summer in all likelihood. For those curious…it will be another Mazda.
  • Anniversary
    Date: August 2, 2014
    Why: She deserves it.
    Details: It’s January 1, 2014 and this is already probably one event that I’m most excited about. When Darco and I got married the first week we were husband and wife was rather stressful. We hit the ground running, and forgot to breathe along the way. With my new job, and hopefully her new promotion, we’ll be traveling somewhere for a real anniversary. Maybe it’ll be out of country? I think it will [Darco’s immediate response was, “That’s expensive”]. I’m thinking Europe; no…I’m thinking Sweden specifically. It’s gorgeous in the summertime, and we’ve got a long, lost friend that we need to go visit.

Darco is almost off work, and it’s time for me to pack up for the night. I think 2014 is going to be that ‘hurdle’ year. When you’ve worked your butt off for so much, and something just clicks and reality hits you harder then you know what to do…in a positive way.

Here’s to a great 2014 from the crazies at FilingThePapers.com!


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