XO: Musically Speaking

Go ahead…give it a listen…

Has it ever happened to you? You’re just in the right mood, the atmosphere is just right, and boom! Just like that the music just speaks to you? You know, it penetrates your soul, and surrounds your heart. Anyone else?

Just me then.

I heard this song on my EDM [Electronic Dance Music] station in the Mazda3, and I just can’t get it out of my system. It’s just poetic, something about being still, relaxed, and I’m sure that the romantic connotations are evident. However, the beauty of music is that the listener determines the what the beat, the rhythm, the undertone really says to the individual.

Meaning…it doesn’t have to be Christian music that only speaks to the Christian soul.

Go ahead, grab your jaw off the ground with that comment. I just hear the chaos in the song, with the woman’s vocals simply speaking about slowing down, relax, be still with her. Can I go ahead and go on the tangent of thinking about God saying the same thing:

Through the chaos and noise He’s simply saying that He wants you to slow down, focus, and to be still with Him? How many times in the Bible did He even use the word “still”? Precisely.

Personally, I’ve been reflective of the crazy track that’s led me to this specific moment [music does that to you]. It’s insane to consider that I truly feel that I’m living a life that wasn’t the same that I was born into. Frankly, the life of 2014 feels nothing like the life of 2011, or even 2012. While I encompass God being in control of everything around me [and me], I find it incredible that for once I didn’t take the standard route. I played with fire, I dabbled with EDM, I jacked around with social media, I made a random, strange soccer team…and it didn’t just lead to that excitement, but also to the excitement of the job that I currently have. I’m not joking, I was hired based on the performance of social media influence of the Kansas City Shock.

You don’t go to school to take that profession, or that track. There is no adviser for that course.

Isn’t God just bigger then you can comprehend? That I can comprehend? Take the small example that is the glimmer of my life. It’s a speck compared to the entire world and beyond. However, if you traced the existence, the travel, the life in its entirety; you can’t make that journey up. It’s real, it’s true, it’s a fact, and I’ve been on it for twenty six years now.

I suppose, in the moments that I finally figure out how to be still, how to relax, and how to slow down…that’s when I comprehend and understand how beautiful this life is.


How couldn’t you be grateful for something like that?


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