Mobile Minutes: #Shock2Philly Part II

Spending some time eating some authentic Italian food at Sal & Joe’s.


Followed by heading into Philadelphia, getting lost, finding parking along the street, and snapping some lovely cityscape shots.



Needless to say, there are some pretty shots.

Speaking of shots…

Tonight we wound up in an Irish Pub talking shop, soccer, and other wondrous things. Even witnessed a soccer coach pass out drunk, and fall over a chair.

The true highlight was this:

One of our players had been selected by a team in the National Women’s Soccer League, the professional league in North America. This is the Irish Pub celebrating for her as she walked in.

To our knowledge, the only team in our league to have a player get drafted professionally. That’s pretty cool.

Next? Sleep. Our real meeting starts tomorrow at 8:00 AM. Get ready for the circus!


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