Mobile Minutes: #Shock2Philly Part V

I have found Kansas City “East”…

It is called Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The similarities between the downtown sectors of each two cities are uncanny in similarity. Recent redevelopment, cleaning, etc…

Now, what were we doing there to begin with?

First, it’s on our way home from Philadelphia. Secondly, the couple that I flew to Baltimore, Maryland two years to watch get married live in Pittsburgh.

They invited us to stay the night, see the city, and rest before our adventure home.

A few thoughts from this experience:

1. Order a sandwich? You’re getting fries…on the sandwich.

2. Clear outside? It’s going to snow.

3. Trying to get into Pittsburgh? Enjoy the five million tunnels and ten dozen bridges.

4. Square Cafe is the place to be for breakfast. Just trust me on this. I had key lime pancakes and my life has changed.

5. You can get a Mazda3 stuck…
6. There is nothing strange about roaming downtown Pittsburgh in a F-350 diesel truck listen to electronic dance music.
7. One word: Sheetz
8. It’s always a good time when you line up for a photo and the height of the people have the following range: 6’8, 6’2, 6’5, 5’2.

9. Be ready for amazing quotes at all times:

I have a question about your two specials today.
What is their portion?
Like this.
Alright. I’ll take both please.


10. Lifelong friendships are the best things next to marriage.

Also, they asked me to remind them why I was in such a rush to get home after their wedding. It was a blessing to show them, sitting to my right, why I had to leave their celebration two years ago.


5 responses to “Mobile Minutes: #Shock2Philly Part V

    • Hey T.D. thanks for playing along!
      1. I would never betray Kansas City by allowing other BBQ touch my mouth. It was a steak sandwich with coleslaw and fries on it. Tabasco sauce was of choice.
      2. The pancakes were of some mysterious magic. Standard cakes with a key lime icing topped with grated lime peel and whipped cream. Syrup was served on the side, but never used. It was incredible.

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