Mobile Minutes: Kombucha

I’m not really sure how to say that word.

I’m also not really sure what on earth the thing is.

Technically it’s part of some gluten-free, yuppie drive drink that Darco grabbed at the grocery store ($3.50 for 16 oz).

It goes down your throat like snot.
It’s bitter like fresh raspberries [plus?].
It is frankly, rather repulsive.

However, I also get to see the joy on my wife’s face for trying something new, eating healthy, and making wise choices.

Sometimes it’s worth choking the stuff down.

On a similar, fun note:

Darco went grocery shopping tonight [hence where that…thing came from]. I was taking a nap at home, she woke me up while she was at the grocery store, nearly crying.
I thought the car had been hit, and she was in an accident.

She proceeds to tell me this:

The organic chicken was on sale at Hy-Vee for 2 for $6. So, we both knew I was going down there today to stock up because that’s a relatively good deal for the product. When I arrived I saw that the special price wasn’t posted. So, with the ad in my hand I went ahead and grabbed the chicken, thinking that I would explain the ad if the price didn’t show correctly.

Well, the price didn’t show correctly. So, the cashier calls over the manager. The manager tells me that since the chicken is not for the price as advertised that I get the chicken for free. So, we just had a grocery bill run from $70 to $23 total with a ton of chicken!

I’m still upset that I was half asleep and didn’t fully enjoy the moment. However, it is nice having plenty of chicken in the apartment. More importantly though is recognizing how happy my wife is with what occurred, her eating habits, and her dedication towards health.

I’m not just proud of her, I’m continually reminded as to why she means so much to me.

…off to go drink some of that stuff…


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