XO: #Shock2Philly

I’m feeling the age.

It’s required quite literally 48 hours to fully recover from the adventure out to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…and back again.

Darco and I have ensured that food has been cooked, but just enough to eat because we haven’t had the energy to shuffle through the apartment. This is an alarmingly true story.

With that said.

First, it was an absolute blessing to walk into the apartment and see that MC and Jim had completely…and I mean completely…cleaned the entire apartment. Bathroom, kitchen, office [scary], the cat…everything was clean. So far, it’s maintain that prestige shine as well. When I inquired MC about it, she informed me that it was something that she had always wanted to do for someone when they were gone for a prolonged period of time [I’m not sure if that was a hint at something down the road].

Second, not only did the ‘dark one’ sleep in the same bed as us, but he purred through the entire night. I know that there are several dog lovers out there, but hear me out…when the cat understands it is not getting to play fetch, run around, and get picked up ‘the way he likes it’ he becomes much more accepting of your existence and may actually show thankfulness when he sees you. This is what Darco and I have recently witnessed with the ‘dark one’. Three days in and he’s still like that.

Finally, the trip as a whole. Soccer is a business for me, it isn’t a hobby, it’s much more then that. With that said, the convention isn’t really my cup of tea. It’s too much product pushing, too much cheap beer, and was too many things aimed towards the development of youth soccer [that’s because that is where the money is]. However, I wouldn’t trade anything for the adventure that I was able to have with my wife, and our short time in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with some old friends. Something I will truly cherish for time to come.

Overall, it was quite the experience. A lot of driving, getting lost several times, and also getting the Mazda3 stuck in the snow. Darco and I discussed what we’d change for when we head to Boston in April, and really there’s only one major adjustment:
22 hours of driving in one setting just isn’t realistic. The drive needs to be broken into two days for sure. Outside of that though, the drive really isn’t that bad [oh, and avoid the $40 toll in Pennsylvania].

Here’s the list from #Shock2Philly:


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