Mobile Minutes: Reflective

I’ve got this one.

My comment as I laid out the card to cover the beers on the table. Another night at Rock & Run Brewery. I had met with a man about soccer, not knowing what I’d actually discover.

I met a man nearly in tears. Unemployed, divorced, and trying to find a path in the world.

Sound familiar?

It’s the first time I’ve sat on the other end of those conversations. The questions, thoughts, and fear streaming from an unknown world. My stomach twisted listening to the recent path of sorrow he had lived, all too well understanding some of his fears.

The least I could do was grab the bill.

A lot of people did the same for me…


2 responses to “Mobile Minutes: Reflective

    • Takes one to know one mate. It’s a sad, unspoken realization. Be strong, pray hard, and know that every storm passes…
      …unless you’re on Jupiter.

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