XO: Factory Reset

Just listen [turn up the volume for sure]:

If you ever want to know  what my Factor Reset sounds like, this is it.

It’s just over five minutes long, so feel free to listen while you read along. A fun little fact about the family I grew up in: my mother’s family is extremely musically inclined. Ranging from instrumental, piano, to choir, solo’s, and the mix in between. It’s similar to knowing that in our family you have a 90% chance of becoming a farmer or a teacher, or in some cases a blend of both. Nothing wrong with any of that, but it is some of the unique aspects of our family.

Personally, I played the flute and sang in choir. I did not say I was excelled at either one of those, but it was my contribution to the family. I sang in the church choir while MC was the director, and in choir through elementary school and junior high. The flute I went with from 5th grade into my freshman year of high school. While I enjoyed the experience I never blended into any musical elements. Even among my friends I wasn’t into country, hip-hop, rock, alternative, or…*shudders* classic rock. I love technology, and I found things like “talk boxes” fascinating, and I thoroughly enjoyed instrumental noises without chorus or verses so that I could plug in my own imagination of what was taking place while the music was playing. Meaning, I just really enjoyed good running music.

During my freshman year of college I was finally introduced into the hard emphasis of remixes, techno, and eventual electronic dance music [EDM]. It was everything I could dream of; my imagination running loose to synthesized sounds, mental images projected with the beats hitting the base, and my keystrokes running in time of the beats per minute. I had found my music niche.

Of course growing up in the Midwest, and in a town of 1,500 people you’re rather limited on music that you can find that fits those categories. Even today Darco and I cling desperately onto our SiriusXM radio because of the two EDM stations that are on it. Thankfully that’s what programs like SoundCloud are for, and good friends like Ty out in Pittsburgh who even introduced me to the concept of this form of music. It’s sad, sitting in the car with me, Darco will watch me just go into a rant explaining the music, what I’m imagining, the direction it’s going, and the pulse that it’s creating. Overall the experience is that of euphoric, I can’t get enough of the beat, enough of the tone, enough of the bass. It’s an addiction, and it’s also my release.

That premise is simply to reflect on the title, Factory Reset. Anyone who has worked with electronics, even the decrepit VCR, knows about the factory reset switch/option. It restores everything to default, it’s the clean wipe of a program or device that reverts it back to the original state of being. Sometimes we all need that factory reset.

I know that I’ve needed that factory reset. I’ve discovered something enjoyable on the road with my music and my life. I’ll take SoundCloud, find some music I know I’ll enjoy, crank up the Mazda3 and listen via Bluetooth down the road. It’s exhilarating, it’s my chance to reset my perimeters of my life. I regain my focus, and I even feel that much closer to God. Hearing the beats, and feeling the bass, I feel as if I’m leaving this timeline for a new one; one unforeseen by many, and only accessible by a few. As cheesy as it sounds; music is very much my release, like so many others in my family. I can’t compose it, create it, or even fully understand it…but I know what I like, and when I turn on the boom I get goosebumps throughout my skin. I envision packed stadiums, lights on a podium, and the roar of a crowd. I see fireworks, and camera people working every angle. Bright lights, brilliant noise, and a voice ringing through my throat. When I get lost in a factory reset, I see the future that I dream of throughout the day and night. I project what will be through God’s inherent design, and grasp onto a belief that anything is possible.

As the music resides, and my ears adjust to the normalcy around me, I cling on to the final beats, and down tempo; I hold dearly to the bass drop, and rise above the heaviness of the tones. I ensure that each song is just that of my last meal, savoring every last piece until the composition is gone.

It’s only then that life resumes, the pace picks back up, and I’m moving on with the days agenda.  I fear not the opportunity to release, and I have no desire to rush along with the days race if I mentally can’t keep up.

I will let the bass run through my veins, and the digital imprint to guide my soul. I’ll let the tempo lay hold to my spirit, and allow the music to let me reach the sky. Through the enjoyment of my ears I let Philippians 4:13 settle in my head:

Through Him all things are possible…


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