Mobile Minutes: Day Job

Between Darco being sick this week, and her opening the store several times this week she’s been a hard one to locate.
Add that to the excessively late night work periods and meetings that I’ve had this week, and incredibly we’ve actually rarely have seen one another since last weekend. I know that both of us are trying very hard at life, balancing work, family, and rest [struggling with each], and it’s easy to see how American’s get so caught up in the busyness to loose sight on the life that really matters.

In a one month time span there has been travels to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Dallas, Texas; and a very random jaunt last weekend into the “bootheel” of Missouri. That was just on the weekends. During the week, at least for myself, it’s been a day full of work in the office, and aside from tonight…some sort of meeting during the evening. Additionally, and somewhat humorously, my colleague at the office and myself have started to create a ‘portfolio’ of businesses that we’re introducing into the digital marketing world. Meaning, that we’re building their websites and building marketing platforms through social media. Strange how some things continue to come back around.

I have no problems being happy each morning while I’m making my eighty mile commute. I’ve been given a life that I never deserved, and by now I at least recognize it. Sleep will come eventually, and my wife and I do pretty well to get a little bit caught up over the weekends. We’re getting better at keeping the place clean while we’re in and out of here so frequently, and the cat is still fed daily.

I suppose this is the American dream? Moving and pushing the limits on what the family can handle without taking a break? It’s a rough balance for sure, something that probably takes a whole lifetime to figure out. Life really doesn’t have a ‘get rich quick scheme’ to it; it’s very much a daily grind. That’s alright though because God’s showing me how to not only be grateful for the products of life that one receives, but also how to be grateful for the work that one goes through for the end product. I step into one of our offices each day, and I have no problem setting up shop and getting started. Today I sat in one spot [a few standing breaks] for nearly six hours straight. Typing about Mazda, about real estate, about office buildings, and soccer. It’s actually fun for me to stress my mind out on trying to balance a million topics at once.

I just have to make sure that I always know my priorities:
-Everything Else

In recent days I’ve been working on understanding and sustaining a simple concept:

Be grateful. Be gracious. Be humble.

The truth is that anything I do isn’t by my own doing, and there isn’t a moment in the day that I should be patting myself on the back. It wasn’t my doing, I didn’t create some perfect scheme, or anything along those lines. Truthfully, I easily create more bad than good. Now it’s just about being grateful for the life you’ve been given. It’s about being gracious for the people around you. It’s about being humble, and knowing and accepting when you screw up. Knowing your place, and understanding that realistically there is a never a time in your life where you have the right to brag.

Life is moving faster and faster every day; it’s so hard to keep up. But…
My wife, very stressed, once asked me, “You’ll never be happy, will you? Nothing is ever good enough for you, is it?”
Nights like tonight, weeks like this week, years like this year [already]; I can easily say that right now?

I’m having fun.


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