Mobile Minutes: XO Ending

Reflection during sick days is so valuable…

These past 48 I’ve been able to spend time with my wife, talking about the future, and dreaming about what exists beyond the current time.

XO has ran its course. There are still a few months, but we comfortably settled on August 2, 2014 marking the end of the XO series.

Please note, that does not indicate that FilingThePapers vanishes, just that a series has reached its conclusion.

Life is funny that way. Sometimes, if you just lay still long enough, you can feel the winds of change swirl around you. That’s what Darco and I are witnessing. A lot has changed in recent months; new life has come about, and new purpose has arisen.

We’re both now actively engaged at GCC with a large concert in September, and with a coworker I’ve been looking at a new business entity. Factor in family, faith, and being young…and we can see that XO’s reason for existing, is soon going to complete itself.

It feels good to be back in my own skin.


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