Mobile Minutes: Older

Looked in the mirror for a few minutes tonight. Studied my hairline, looked at the cut on my face from “the dark one”, and even flexed my arms a little.

I’m getting older.

Not wiser, just older.

I see it in my eyes, my skin, even my facial hair. I truly am closer to thirty versus twenty. I can’t pull off “the kid” look, even if I wanted to. I’m not upset about this late breaking news, just recognizing one of those moments in life where I’m changing.

My job is wonderful.
My wife is beautiful.
The people behind the Kansas City Shock are incredibly inspirational.

I’m optimistic with a fading past, in a body that looks it time on this planet. God has given me a life that I’ll never measure up to, and I never, ever deserved.

It’s alright not being the youngest, freshest, or forever holding on to history’s ways.

The future is bright. The world is vast. I’ll take aging skin and vanishing hair; it’s God’s way of showing that I’m living a wonderful life.


2 responses to “Mobile Minutes: Older

  1. Last night I did the same thing! Without flexing hehe.
    I too see that I’m getting older. It’s crazy isn’t it. It’s scary how fast it seems we got here. Even scarier to think our soul never gets old but this body does. I asked my grandfather once if he felt young inside his “shell” he said yes everyday but the body slows down and it can be frustrating that you can’t do what you did once before. It totally creeped me out. So deep… Never thought of that. Our bodies age but what’s inside doesn’t age sure we become wiser but this is different. Once you turn 30 it just goes by so quickly. I’m turning 33 this year and can’t believe it. It seems like I just turned 30 ;(

    • My wife makes fun of my constantly because I’m “getting old” (six year difference); entertainingly though she’s the one that wakes with the creaks and the kinks in her body. I try to suggest that “I’ll never grow up”, but I’m learning that it is a genetic impossibility; all of us mentally, physically, and spiritually eventually ‘grow up’ with time.

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