Mobile Minutes: No Point [Warning: Language]

There just isn’t any point…

My wife hates me.
The Kansas City Shock is a financial failure, and it’s 100% my fault.
I’m freaking awful at the job that I currently have.
I’m grotesquely overweight.

There just isn’t any point…

I’ve been referred to as a liar, a thief, a cheat, a worthless piece of shit, a fucker, and a horrible excuse of a human. I’ve been informed that my door should be kicked down, and that the dictator that lies within my soul should be put to an end. There’s no point; I’m still a horrible husband, I’m still a terrible business owner…a joke of a terrible business owner, and I don’t even know what I’m doing with my job. I’m an abomination of what God could ever create, and I’m more of a painful reminder of how a Christian shouldn’t act versus what redemption could look like.

It turns out that even after three years I’ve learned nothing, and I’m still the same rotten piece of trash from then. I deserved to have been divorced, I deserved financial ruin, I deserved the debt, I deserved the struggle, the hungry nights, the ruined job opportunities, and the rejections from being in the classroom. Rather sure that I’m the perfect example of what a teacher shouldn’t be. I was disowned from my first church, for very good reasons. I mean, who would want me in their sanctuary anyways? I never was a superhero, I was just a false prophet. Just an empty body with nothing positive to offer this place. Just as I had nothing to offer the small community I grew up in versus everyone I graduated with; the harsh truth is that the same stays true today…just at a larger level.

I wasn’t designed to succeed, I wasn’t programmed to excel. I was merely placed on this earth as the example of how not to conduct ones life.

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