Mobile Minutes: Flood Waters

I headed out to the country to visit MC and Jim this afternoon. I took the back roads to reach their location; passing through this small town with a unique history.

With the exception of a year of drought, it’s guaranteed that this town will flood. The roads will close, traffic will be diverted, and the water will sit a few days, or even weeks.

But the town will never leave. Any damage will be repaired, any mud will be removed, and the town will move forward. The town never moves away from the river, they don’t really need the water way, but they love who they are and where they call home.

Today, while passing through, a small sign was along the road pointing towards the post office, small store, and the rest of the “heart” of the community. It simply read:

Anything is possible.

Fitting for the town that consistently rebuilds, but it was also exactly what I was looking for. Recently the Kansas City Shock has been flooded, it’s been covered in mud, and “relocating” questions have been asked by several parties.

What should Darco and I do?

We let the water reside, we put on our gloves, dig out the community, and we move forward.

After all, anything is possible.


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