XO: Ending A Book

How does an author know when to end a book? How to end a book? What is the conclusion, and how do they bring it together in a nice, clean package?

Life isn’t like a book, ends to anything are never clean, and rarely nice. However, after one chapter or one book, it’s nearly guaranteed that a new one will formulate itself.

I was sitting in the office this afternoon chatting with one of the other folks about this website, it’s intent, creation, and the future of it. Much of it I’m sure they didn’t care about, but days like today I just wanted someone to talk to. My wife and I have been blessed in incredible ways; all of which we don’t deserve…and slowly but surely we’re recognizing that. We’ve been broke, lived off of peanut butter sandwiches for a while, had all vehicles non-operational, and have had our backs in the corner more times then we can even count. We haven’t been married for a year, yet it feels like eternity [in a good way].

We work together, it’s more then just a relationship between two people who ‘love’ each other. It’s understanding shortfalls, failures, and working with each other to smooth out the bumps in our lives. It’s taken me a time or two to figure it out, but this is what I think a marriage should revolve around. Understandably, the world i against us in many ways, several occasions we’ve brought that upon ourselves. There’s nothing better though, knowing of these problems, waking up next to the person who does embrace you. No. Matter. What.

In recent weeks we’ve undergone some major adjustments as a family. Not one of them has been easy, and decisions currently being made are not even easier. It turns out that, that is how life functions. I’m almost sure that I’ve cried on the shoulder of my wife more times then I cried in front of my own mother in the past two months. And even though she had her own thoughts, opinions, and ideas she still embraced me for who I am, my dreams, motivations, and expectations. In many ways, she’s been a rock for me.

It’s nice knowing that no matter the direction that our lives take us in coming months and year, that she’ll be right beside along the way. As “XO” begins to draw into its final chapters, it’s comforting knowing that it’ll end happily with the man and woman loving each other for eternity.


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