Mobile Minutes: The Great Slowdown

Nothing really ‘clicked’ with me today, it was more of a sensation that I woke up to after a very long, painful run this afternoon.

I’m slowing down…

Not in the literal sense, but more so in the events of life. Darco and I have made some choices as of late that are a little life changing, but revolve more around focusing on each other, family, friends, and life versus the hustle and bustle of the working world. We’re slowing down from the rapid rate of our society, and that’s alright in our books. It’s sometimes a bit difficult for me, but I don’t have to own multiple businesses, be in the newspaper, or handle interviews for who-knows-what. I’m fine with my awesome job, focusing on developing and growing it to all sorts of new sizes. I’m perfectly fine with starting this new project with my wife as a joint effort of having fun, and we’re always up for traveling.

That’s a good life, that’s something that you could “hang your hat on” if you’d like. That’s something that’s going to allow me to sleep better at night, and wake up next to someone who loves me unconditionally. No successful business, rock stars, or anything of the liking can replace that sensation.

Perhaps…I wasn’t really meant in life to upset the fruit basket, to create revolutions, revolts, or anything of that nature. Maybe, I was just meant to live a nice, calm life as a Christian in the working field, a Christian in a family, and a Christian as just a man. Maybe that’s enough to keep ones self occupied for a lifetime.

Adventures are fun, and random ideas are fun while they last, but nothing is meant to go on forever, and many times we’ll shoot for the moon…and we’ll miss on multiple occasions. We. Will. Fail.

But being in the arms of the woman you love is a solid reminder that the world’s failures can’t compare to the grace of God’s redeeming love.


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