XO: So Long

So long…
And thanks for all the fish…

It only seems natural to use that quotation to define what this post was going to be about. I’ve known this day was coming, at first I tried to deny it, but in the end it became about acceptance and moving on to new adventures with life.

The Kansas City Shock is no more.

It’s hard to accept reality when it is consumed with the word ‘failure’, and that does particularly describe the events leading up to today. I failed, I attempted to create something, try something new, and I fell short.

The reasons are exhaustive, and I don’t really believe that it’s necessary to bring all the information to the table online, and let skeletons run a muck outside of their closet housing. The program ran out of money, the program ran out of people, and the program ran out of time. All three of these things I squarely place on my shoulders. I’ve read nearly every nasty email I could fathom; whether it was from a parent, a player, a coach, or a random fan that was disappointed in my actions. Darco has dealt with my crying, dealt with my shame, and dealt with the unknown of how to move forward. However, life has to move forward.

There are still several debts owed by the program; I’m not quite sure how they’ll be paid off, but they will be paid in time. I may be a failed businessman, and near penniless all the same, but debts will be repaid.

I’ve learned a lot in these past three years; primarily knowing that you really can’t trust anyone, no matter how clean they seem. Kansas City is a political hot zone for youth soccer, and now knowing what I know, I’ll work very hard to ensure our children will not be involved in that toxic landscape.

While today does breathe disappointment, along with remorse, and debt; it does also show some personal highlights through the recent adventures as well.

Without the Kansas City Shock the likelihood of myself meeting Darco would be much slimmer. Without the program, I would have never dived so deep in social media exploration; resulting in the job that I currently have. I would not have learned so much about business [and what not to do], and I would have just remained a recluse outside the city limits of Kansas City, Missouri.

I suppose there isn’t much else to talk about along these lines. Darco and I have had many conversations, and several prayers for understanding the direction that our lives are supposed to go in, and this is something that both of us…eventually…have felt comfortable with.

I shot for the moon, I missed, I didn’t land among the stars, but I had fun while I was doing it, and it’ll always hold a dear piece of my heart for the experiences that took place with this strange program that wasn’t supposed to work from the beginning.

So now what…

Life is fun for the sake that there is always something new awaiting around the corner. Between Darco and myself our priorities are ensuring that all bills are addressed, and all matters are put to rest. That’s the priority in the business side of life. Outside of that, I have zero desire to ever construct a new business [at least for the moment], and look forward to focusing on faith, fitness, and food. We have begun the process of spearheading a new adventure entitled “God’s Not Fat“, all taken through the instance of lazy, out-of-shape Christian’s isn’t a good thing…and it isn’t Biblical. With the opening of the time now, I’ve been able to get back into running. I ran five miles in one setting on Friday [still recovering], and Darco and I are heading out in May to cover at least three 5K races throughout the state of Missouri and beyond. We want to get into excellent shape, eat healthy, and grow spiritually and we firmly believe it’s all possible together.

As for soccer…

My wife hates soccer now because of the past two years; the stress wasn’t attractive and it didn’t help the marriage. Personally, I’m now with her on this matter. We’ll always cheer for Sporting Kansas City, and I have new respect for FC Kansas City as well after meeting with them a few weeks ago. That’s it though…
There’s nothing about women’s soccer, aside from watching one former player grow, that’s lucrative to Darco or myself. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ have all been cleaned. The website is gone. It’s a closing chapter that we’re happy to be putting an end to.

So, here’s to future adventures, FilingThePapers.com, running, writing, and all the new excitement that comes with a new chapter.


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