XO: Sticks In The Fire

When you get older, you’re learn that it’s not always the best to have several sticks in the fire. Instead, remove a few and just focus on the rest that are still there.
-Wise Old Man-

I woke up this morning with Ny-Quil and this title stuck in my head. Half an hour later I made it out of bed, and actually started the day.

It’s been a while since I’ve actually given some ‘length’ to a post, and a deeper, more described identity to the life that I’m currently surrounded by. So, with drugs in hand, and a cat annoying me from behind…let us begin…

Darco and I have had many serious conversations about the future of our lives together given the previous circumstances that we’ve found ourselves in. Whether it was myself walking away from Subway last year, or the end of the Kansas City Shock, or even just how we communicate with one another; there is a lot that has changed over the past couple years. Finally, through this week, with much of the dust settling we were able to look at each other and calmly [but quietly] ask each other:

“Now what?”

While life can be long, with full of adventure, sometimes to enjoy adventure we have to hold off from diving and instead survey our surroundings. It’s what keeps us from breaking our necks once we jump.

The past couple days we’ve taken time to survey our surroundings, take some damage control and inventory, and plot out where and how the next journey will form. As a young married couple we never know all of the answers, but we at least consult God on guidance, and I’ve learned as the husband that my dependence on Him is truly never ending for the proper, and safe, travels of our family.

For the next several months the two of us are going to be rather ‘low key’ in terms of anything dramatic in our lives. We’re taking the time to sort through the debris, reorganize, and make any necessary internal, structural repairs to our lives. This meanings…

…placing a key focus on ensuring that our debts are being paid. Not just student loans, but filtering through all the garbage from the Kansas City Shock. Even if the team doesn’t exist, I’m still in charge of past debts.

…placing a key on healthy eating. We’ve already started working on the whole “God’s Not Fat” program. Between that, the running, the training, and the recipes; we should be good to go.

…placing a key on church activity. Yes, we’re in a new church, but we go to a new church, we’re struggling to get into any groups in the church because there are so few people there that are within our age group. It’s something we’re still trying to figure out.

…placing a key on homeliness. We don’t have to be on the go 24/7 anymore. It’s not required of either one of us. My job is digital that requires some travels, but I’m still home in time for dinner. We can take time to be a real couple that is able to enjoy a few evening’s “in” with a new series on the television or something.

…placing a key on our jobs. Darco is ready to be promoted, but there is so much more I need to be doing for my job. Without the whole soccer life weighing me down; now I’m able to invest more time and energy into actually creating better products and better results for my clients. They deserve that, and really my wife deserves that as well. I’m not in search for a raise, more money, etc…I’m in search of knowing that I’m doing a respectable job at the place I’m working.

The ‘keys’ aren’t that many comparatively, but their not entirely easy either. Each one of the notes above is going to require some serious mental work, patience, and discipline. Only through God, Himself will any of that even be possible.

It’s a new era in our lives; we’re excited, we’re pumped, and frankly…we’re ready to be normal for a while.


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