XO: Blogging Day

Note: Due to life; this post wasn’t completed until Wednesday. I hate these moments.

It’s Tuesday…

This is the day that I take for ‘blogging day’. I have several accounts now that I maintain creative content for on their blog pages. I’ve learned that it’s best to just sit down one day, and type the day away. This is my Tuesday, and I am just fine with this.

More so, I was giving thought to my position within life and I found myself chuckling in the apartment. Darco asked what was so funny and I let her in on this piece of treasured irony.

Begin Flashback…
It wasn’t too long ago (2008…2009…ish) that I had started to write more and more online. Learning to use Facebook and Twitter to push my content out to people, before it was popular, had created a unique opportunity for me. I was writing a weekly blog about women’s soccer for a small website [now a huge one, congratulations womenssoccerunited.com] on my opinions, a few stats, and the overall personal take on the growth of women’s soccer. At the time there were people within my family that were fascinated by the idea of writing about a specific topic and posting it online for people around the world to view. However, time and time again the same question would come up:

So, how much do you get paid to do this? No one is paying you? This is a waste of time if money isn’t involved; you should go out and get a real career with a real job.

Hearing people suck the love out of a passion is truly one of the worst experiences a person could go through. It’s like a starving artist or a homeless actor; you do it because you love it and you believe it’ll become something greater. In my case I thought all that writing would eventually lead to creating my own women’s soccer program. Which it did, again with no money, and the eventual outcome was rather devastating. However, this week while I was working on a few projects I started to understand something. Yes, the whole women’s soccer thing didn’t turn out to be my real cup of tea. However, all that writing, all that ‘blogging’ over the years that no one really understood why I did it…it quietly, and quickly became this, this, and this.

Entertainingly in the end, yes I do get paid to write blogs, and I do get paid to hang out in the world of social media, and I do get paid to advertise creative content that 90% of the time comes from my own meandering thoughts.

Looking back…
That’s why I wrote when no one else was watching.


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