XO: Grand Adventures

I’m assuming that everyone has the notion at one time or another in life that they’re going to do something great, they’re going to be on some amazing adventure, you know…they’re going to change the world.

I know at least that teachers think it when they enter their first year in the classroom.

…that was a partial joke…

I think my time in that world has officially come to an end. I’m just alright with my life. it isn’t perfect, and I still get into plenty of trouble, but there’s no plans for chaos, world domination, or earth changing adventures.

It’s alright dealing with a paranoid cat, the daily work issues, and the attempt to make a living for my family. I’m alright with that. Life is a unique entity that we find ourselves in. One moment there’s a fixation on revolutionizing everything. Then, whether it be through failure, maturity, or a mixture of both…it’s gone.

I run because I love it, it’s relaxing, and it’s my outlet. I work because it’s required for my family, and because I really enjoy what it is. It’s a dream job. I live within my means now because I should, and also work with my wife to ensure that we have a nice place to call home, a future, and a wonderful life.

Acorn Dash 5K - 2

I suppose in the end; that’s the adventure that everyone really seeks.



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