XO: Cycle Upon Cycle

I’ve been staring at this page for several days now. I’ve noted that my posting times have decreased whereas life itself hasn’t necessarily increased. I’m sure the recent influx of cartoon viewing has affected my posting ability, and there is a small percentage that could be drawn from writing blog posts for work now also. Nothing wrong with that, but I do believe that a person can only write so much in one day before their creativity shuts off.

Just my opinion.

I received word two days ago that the lease to the apartment had been renewed for another nine months. Not necessarily what was originally planned for the family, but after doing some adjustments with the soccer program ending, and our current employment status options, we decided that nine months would give Darco the time to promote and train in her new position. It would also give us the time to not float from one place to another, pay bills, and get caught up on being ‘normal people’.

I’m not thrilled with the option, but it was originally my idea. We can’t live a life constantly putting more and more sticks in the fire. Yesterday there was a dream job in the teaching world that opened up, and the state we live in is desperately looking for new teachers. However, I love my job and didn’t even blink a second time at the opportunity. Why add to the chaos? How does that improve ones life? It doesn’t, it just adds stress.

Darco made mention in a text that we need to make the apartment “seem homier”; I’m not sure what that means, but I’m sure it equals something along the lines of a new project [just not antique stores and garage sales please].

We keep running. I’ve been in-and-out of the cardio world because of a stupid injury, which has in turn placed me in a rather foul mood over the past week. Lots of ice, tape, and patience I suppose.

That’s what God’s still teaching me overall right now. I wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, work, go to training, train, go home, eat, go to sleep. At this point that’s my Monday-Friday with a bit of variance on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. I knew this was coming, this tranquil period of nothing. That was part of the plan; that’s going to be our summer in a nutshell.

No new business adventures, no big travels, no exciting adventures. We are American’s, we’re the workforce, we’re just a number. We’ll go to church on Sunday, and try to get more involved throughout the week. Outside of that change of pace; nothing really is going to change.

I guess that does have a temperature of ‘doomed’ attached to it when you think about it, but I’m just chalking it up as “that’s just how life is”.

Secretly though, I just hope it isn’t always like this.


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