Mobile Minutes: Joplin Archives

Random fact…

Back in the day I dreamed of being a storm chaser, working in the National Weather Service, and stare at the computer screen all day (I wound up doing one of those three as it turns out).

However, three years ago everything changed for me. I was eating dinner in Springfield, Missouri when I looked at my radar, seeing a nasty looking cell moving through the Joplin, Missouri area. I had no idea what had taken place until my boss at the time called me, asking if I would take my truck along with a bed full of water and Powerade, and head into Joplin. Working for Subway at the time, I learned that the our Subway in the Walmart had been destroyed and several people were displaced.

Upon arriving to Joplin, a city I knew very, very well over the years, the absolute horror completely changed my perspective of myself, the weather, and meteorology as a whole. Truth is that I couldn’t stomach what I saw.

Below is a video that I shot upon my arrival in Joplin; there is no blood, gore, etc…but it’s 14:00 worth of what the town looked like so quickly three years ago.


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