Mobile Minutes: Changing of the Guard

Late night posts are always the best [though no one ever sees them].

After much debate, prayer, and guidance I’m pleased to announce that “XO” will be drawing to a close in June. Originally “XO” was going to end August 2, 2014 [because I know you’re so worried], but life has changed, and molded into the unique identity of a new chapter.

There is a title to the new chapter; no I’m not sharing it yet. The month of June [along with the rest of May] will be focused on cleaning up FilingThePapers from a TON of back work that I’ve left untouched…shame on me.

Starting July 1, 2014 we’re diving head first into the next chapter of FilingThePapers. To my knowledge the chapter will span just over the next two years, plus a little extra.

“X” focused so much on recovering and starting over after my divorce.
“O” explored new challenges and opportunities that God opened into my life.
“XO” for myself will be seen as an awkward, strange transition period from what was to what is. Including the joys of marriage towards the beginning, to the end of the Kansas City Shock near the conclusion.
“Insert Title” will be a chapter of focus, commitment, dedication, and my prayer is…being able to show you my opportunity of pushing myself to the ultimate limits.

I’m very excited. I can say that thinking about the unique events out of each chapter; this new chapter has nearly already made me sick from nerves, just by thinking about it. Darco is the only one that knows the brief outline of the expectations with this chapter, and it’s hard to fully grasp the entirety of its direction.

Sometimes I’m rather sure I’m just writing to myself, but trust me when I say that this new adventure is going to truly be the unique definition of God-inspired, and no one will see what’s coming.


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